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Business Challenges

Banking IT Challenges

Many banks are planning to implement BASEL III, either voluntarily or due to mandatory regulations. You may be facing these challenges in case your institution still relies on traditional methods of running business:

  • Real-time business environments are continuously evolving in a fast-growing global marketplace.
  • Regulatory requirements are getting more stringent by the day.
  • Volatility of earnings needs to be limited and shareholder value enhanced.
  • Even though loss events are monitored, loss data is not always updated in a loss database.
  • Business data is not consistently captured or entered into the database; neither is the data accessible across the organization.
  • Most systems fail to identify deterioration in credit quality on time.
  • Multiple asset classes and diversified industries prompt for development of independent risk rating methodologies.
  • Maintenance of existing standalone legacy systems is expensive and consolidation of available data into useful information is time-consuming.
  • Need to introduce Liquidity Risk Measurement Practices