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Kumaran can deliver a comprehensive application which could satisfy all the business and technology challenges listed above. The application complies with BASEL standards. The risk rating process is transparent and replicable. Methodology is well documented with little room for ambiguity. A special feature of corporate Risk Rating solution (CSB risk rating) is that it has a variety of Financial Statement Templates (FST) to support the analysis requirements for various industries. Financial statement information should be entered using the appropriate (FST). Where applicable, FSTs are aligned with the applicable Risk Rating Methodologies to ensure financial ratio information can be driven directly into the obligor assessment process.

These risk rating methodologies can be implemented in most banks to allow their risk managers to objectively as well as subjectively assess a corporate customer’s strengths and weaknesses based on the industry.

Assessment of an obligor requires that an obligor be viewed from different angles and perspectives so that the risk underwriters and managers are able to form an unbiased and objective view about the obligor’s risk.

Banks credit risk policy is a fine blend of subjective and objective risk appetite statements that are adequately captured by this Risk rating application.

The Credit Process seamlessly integrates with the other risk assessment modules to produce credit risk proposal based on a bank’s own format. This process of proposal generation with obligor’s financial and non-financial data allows any bank to produce uniform, accurate and reliable proposals at high speeds, largely eliminating the knowledge and skills levels of professionals involved at the risk initiation stage. Thus, decision makers are always presented with consistent risk proposals with uniform analysis and accurate data and their comparisons. This helps in faster and better credit decisions making.