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Kumaran Systems offers an effective Credit Monitoring System which includes solutions for all the above challenges listed and many other features. The various modules of the credit monitoring system are briefly explained below:

  • Dashboard: When you sign into Credit Monitoring System (CMS), the Dashboard screen displays. This is the central control panel for all credits, with the tabs like Work in Progress (WIP) and Search. WIP list displays all credits that have been approved by Risk Management. These credits are categorized into four (4) sections: New Credits, Renewals /Amendments (includes risk-rating reviews), Pending, and Cancelled. The Search tab on the Dashboard screen allows you to search and access any credit by any one or more of the following criteria: Borrower Name, Portfolio Number, Branch Number or Instrument Number
  • Security : There is a Security tab giving the details of security, documents and whether documents are verified or not.
  • Facility : There is a tab for Facilities where details of instruments, branch name etc., are captured.
  • Margin : Margin tab gives the details of margins. When the margins are entered, the credit monitoring officer should contact the credit specialist if he sees a deteriorating trend.
  • Things to monitor : The ageing of receivables e.g. are receivables increasing in the older age brackets as time passes; Is the proportion of inventory changing e.g. are finished goods accumulating? ; Categories of receivables e.g. are affiliated accounts increasing?
  • Covenants : Covenant stipulations are automatically downloaded from credit sanctions based on input from the Credit Sanctioning Officers. Covenants are automatically calculated from inputs in CMS. Covenant irregularities are only cleared by new input of financial data, changing the condition of the covenant or by a subsequent positive covenant. The Covenants tab allows you to verify which covenants are annual, semi-annual, or quarterly.
  • Irregularities : There is an irregularity tab where the irregularities are generated automatically based on the variations between covenant stipulations as per sanction and actual data input by credit monitoring officer. Irregularities will affect the risk rating of the borrower at a future date. Irregularities occur in four types such as Security, Covenant, Limit or reports.
  • Diaries : There is a tab for diaries and this is a tool for credit monitoring officers to remind themselves of actions that need to be taken. Diaries generate security expiry date and credit expiry date.
  • Notepad : There is a tab for notepad, which allows us to add additional information pertaining to the customer or credit. Once a notepad entry is entered and saved it cannot be modified or deleted. It permanently remains in CMS.