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Banking IT Challenges

Business Challenges

  • The available data is huge and the same needs to be properly interpreted. There is a great need for implementation of system that can correctly analyze available credit risk data
  • Analysis of the Financial Statements is most important as raw financial data cannot be used for credit risk estimation
  • Trade checks need to be performed before sanctioning a loan with regard to Anti Money Laundering / Know Your Customer
  • The Structure of credit facility & collateral has to be properly gathered and reviewed
  • If a credit participates in a group, analysis of the Credit Group should also be made
  • Need to review the Industry to which the credit belongs to.
  • Projection/profitability parameters need to be analyzed
  • The Country risk needs to be assessed
  • If the credit belongs to a common risk group, Concentration risk needs to be assessed
  • There is a great need for formulation of Credit risk models, Borrower Rating system to assess PD and Transaction Rating System to assess LGD
  • Banks need a system to calculate Risk Weighted assets and capital calculation
  • Need for a system to do Risk based pricing