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Benefits Of Financial Analyzer

Benefits of Financial Analyzer May Include

Financial Analyzer is a useful tool for gaining a “snapshot” picture of a company. These ratios help to identify the company’s strengths and weaknesses and useful insights can be gained through the process.

With financial ratios, we have no way to identify a “theoretically best” value for any of the ratios. In fact, financial ratios are nothing more than common sense measures that have been developed and evolved over time. Ratios tell us where to focus our attention and to ask relevant questions. We never want to depend of just one ratio to draw a conclusion, the ratios are complementary and one ratio can be used to confirm a suspicion raised by another ratio’s value. It is only after looking at a variety of different ratios that a picture of the company’s financial condition begins to form.

This Financial Analyzer computes Financial Rating which is a vital input in the Whole Risk Rating process. This Financial Analyzer can be used as it is or customized and more ratios can be added as per the need of the clients.

Past performance and future performance can be compared. The Financial Analyzer helps for speedy decision making process.