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Benefits of Risk Reporting solutions

Risk Reporting Solutions can combine data from multiple sources into a single, cohesive and highly formatted report placing key metrics in a wider business context.

  • These Risk Reporting Solutions can work with any data source
  • It is a highly scalable application that can fit all the requirements of the Enterprise
  • Licenses are Server Based so we can add more users and reports without incremental cost
  • With ready access to key performance measures and credit risk indicators, managers throughout the organization can contribute to more effective business strategies.
  • It is user friendly. Reports are created using drag-and-drop columns, expressions, functions, charts, and bitmaps
  • Component-based report development
  • Visual cues in the design wizard enable developers to preview what the content will look like as they make changes to design options.
  • Report components are reused across designs through referencing or sub classing