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We have been working with many American banks in this area and delivered many reports for disclosure purposes in individual source systems for each line of business like SME, Corporates as well as for retail and wholesale credit data repositories. The Bank is using these reports for regulatory as well as management reports. We have gained expertise in using reporting tools like Cognos, Hyperion and Actuate. We have developed separate modules in the applications for delivering many dashboard reports for management along with generating alerts and early warning signals through emails. We have also delivered BASEL II -Pillar 3 reports to many Banks. We can leverage our expertise for your challenges in regulatory reporting.

Kumaran has acquired an expertise in handling different technologies for generation of various multidimensional reports on Retail and Wholesale credit customers. Using these technologies, various management and supervisory reports can be shared across all levels of the organization through a web portal. Many users can have access to the portal.

Each Bank will have a risk policy and a risk model for aggregation, quantification and new product assessment.

    Risk Reporting systems in a Bank consist of

  • Management reports– These reports will be for internal use. The audience will be senior management, Board of Directors and Employees. The top management should have a holistic view of all risks.
  • Regulatory/Statutory reporting- These reports are based on certain regulations. The audience will be Regulators, Market Analysts and Rating agencies.
  • Financial reporting/ Public disclosure– These reports are disclosure reports. E.g., Bank’s Balance sheet and profit and Loss account. The audience will be Auditors, Shareholders, Insurers and Counter party banks.
  • Capital Adequacy reporting – These reports are for disclosing the regulatory capital of the Bank as per the requirements of the supervisor.
  • Dash boards— Dashboards give an instant view of multi-dimensional parameters facilitating quick action.
  • Capital allocation– The Bank’s regulatory/economic capital is allocated based on credit risk, market risk and operational risk to different business units.
  • Analytics /Reconciliation of risk numbers– The numbers shown in Finance department and risk department are matched and reconciliation done as per Pillar 3 norms.
  • The reports are generated for a Bank as a whole and also for each Business unit depending on the need.