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To remain competitive and have a leading edge, large banking corporations need to constantly improve their internal risk management systems and requires IT systems that are expected to be compliant in handling regulatory changes. Testing plays a crucial role in risk management to avoid business losses before the application is moved to production.

With around a decade of expertise in the Banking applications such as Credit Risk management, credit scoring, credit assessment, Basel II reporting standards Kumaran manages dedicated Test Center of Excellence for banking vertical.

Kumaran System offers a wide array of testing services in banking industry. Be it processing end-to-end Credit Risk loan origination, Fund Management solution or Data Migration Solution, with our domain focused and customer-centric approach, we reduce the time needed to be aware of business functionality to meet all of your testing needs.

Our testing team is well versed in

Retail Banking & Wealth Management

  • Retail SME Credit Risk Rating
  • Retail Credit Repository
  • Fund Management

Wholesale Banking

  • Wholesale Credit Risk Rating
  • Impaired Loans Management
  • Wholesale Credit Repository

BASEL II reporting solution
Credit Systems Integration

  • Credit Scoring (Obligor Risk Rating)
  • Credit Grouping Implementation
  • Credit Assessment & Origination Implementation
  • Data Migration