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Course Outline Management System

The traditional paper based method of creating a course outline in higher educational institutions is a complex and cumbersome task. This manual process is time consuming, inefficient and less accurate. To combat these issues, Kumaran Systems Inc based on its decade of experience working with higher education institutions and education leaders, offers a robust, scalable, web-based course outline management system (COMS).

COMS is a web-based application that can be easily integrated with any Student Information and Learning Management System (LMS). It enables the faculty of an educational institution to create, edit, approve, and store course outlines on an institution-wide basis. The system provides administrators the flexibility to generate a PDF version of the approved course outlines to be directly integrated to the Learning Management System (LMS). Implementing COMS will not only increase the efficiency and accuracy of the course design process but also lend more visibility and transparency to the entire process.