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Enterprise Content Management

As enterprises grow, their data gets collected, but the data is most often spread across structured and unstructured domains. Data that is stored in organized data repositories is structured data. Unstructured data is hard data that is stored normally in hard copies such as paperwork. Another example of unstructured data is diverse data stored in a records management system or data spread across various websites. From an enterprise perspective, this results in lack of productivity and spiraling costs, because separate systems has to be maintained to hold these data.

It may not be possible to implement key decisions and strategies owing to the lack of a bridge between the structured and unstructured domains. An Enterprise Content Management system is the bridge that enables the lookup of unstructured data from within a structured domain such as a database.

Kumaran’s expertise pans several arenas including these:

  • Web Content Management This system consolidates the look, feel, and branding content across diverse enterprise websites.
  • Document Content Management Corporations can consolidate all paper-based reports and systems into a digital format, which can then be searched and combined with structured data.
  • Records Content Management This system provides the ability to consolidate all assets and data spread across disparate sources, for example, emails and offline file systems. The data can then be transformed into information assets, in formats that are accessible and searchable.