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The mobile opportunity and challenge for today’s organization:

The emergence of truly mobile computing devices (smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices) has only increased the evolutionary shift in the way that humans use computers and tools to communicate and manage their daily lives and relationships. Visionary organizations considering the incorporation of mobile into their marketing and communication strategy must embrace the confluence of mobile and social, and embrace the capability to analyze user behaviour as part of their strategy.

With consumer exuberance of mobile apps in full display, many enterprises are finding opportunities to deliver value by creating the perfect mobile app. Empowered consumers are demanding new engagement models and channels on their terms with the companies they do business with.

Unfortunately, many companies are also inefficiently expending a lot of capital, time, resources and opportunities developing apps that don’t add much value to their brands, businesses, or bottom lines. Determining how to execute a successful mobile strategy is far from a go/no-go type of decision, but instead requires rich, layered designs with many complex attributes that organizations must work hard to determine, vet, and assemble.

Those willing to take the right approach will find themselves amazed by the innovation that occurs and at the value mobile apps can bring to their enterprises and bottom line, while feeling confident that opportunities were capitalized on profitably and smartly.

Industry dynamics have brought in a tremendous change in the way data visibility, productivity and informed decision making are viewed in a business context. While it was natural to place a constraint of physical presence in office premises in the past, it has now become almost necessary to provide round-the-clock access to data, analytics and business functions. With the Kumaran’s Enterprise Mobility Solution offerings, you can reach the last mile of desired process improvements and productivity – especially among teams that are frequently mobile.

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What We Offer

Kumaran’s combines the latest for Enterprise Mobility Services ( in mobile technologies, engagement models, and system integration) - to deliver innovation that matters, and business value that lasts beyond a few business cycles. Kumaran’s offer a complete spectrum of Enterprise Mobility Services for all Industries:
  • Banking and financial services
  • Telecom Service Providers and Services
  • Insurance
  • Retail and consumer packaged goods
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Gaming, Media and Publishing
  • Manufacturing
  • Utilities and Energy
  • Healthcare and Medical Devices
Kumaran’s offer a complete spectrum of Enterprise Mobility Services that include:
  • Business, IT and Mobile transformation:
  • Enterprise Mobility Strategy: Use mobility as a strategic business differentiator.
  • Mobility Business Models: Define business models around mobile technologies.
  • Mobility Technology: Address challenges associated with managing investments around rapidly evolving mobile technologies.
Enterprise mobility services

Business, IT and Mobile transformation :

We help you realize business outcomes from mobility with a holistic approach:

  • Demystify the  Mobility Technologies
  • Get the best ROI of their mobile investments
  • Choose the right Mobile technologies suited for their organization
  • Future-proof strategies for implementing mobility in the organization.

Enterprise Business and IT Transformation offerings also cover:

  • Mobile device management (MDM),
  • Mobile application management (MAM), 
  • Mobile content management (MCM) and mobile services management
  • Security

Enterprise Mobility Strategy :

Realizing the full potential of mobile requires creating a successful mobile strategy. Your business goals and audience goals need to be aligned to your current or planned IT capabilities. Considerations should include the business vision, the capabilities required to close gaps, which mobile use cases offer the highest value to your target audience and your existing mobile strategy. A successful mobile strategy also provides strategic direction. Mobile capabilities must consider audience needs, business case considerations, as well as IT and human resource readiness. Additionally, deciding which existing platforms are relevant and which new tools and technologies might be needed is necessary to deliver an achievable strategy. This helps ensure a development and deployment approach that is based on technical feasibility, customer value and time to market priorities. Enterprise Mobility Strategy

Innovative Mobile Technology Solutions and Services

Mobile Technology Solutions and Services With multiple form factors, competing platforms, and fast-evolving technologies, creating and maintaining mobile applications in an enterprise is a challenging proposition. In addition, mobile programs face an additional challenge of being consistent with existing IT applications and workflows. Kumaran's offers best-in-breed technology services to meet the various needs of enterprises and customers in mobility. We deliver solutions based on innovative uses of web, mobile and emerging technologies to solve complex business problems for our clients. We do this with three key capabilities: our skills and experience, our products and assets, and our methods and tools. Kumaran’s  offers multiple end-to-end  technology solutions for various industries like: Banking, Telecom and Media, Insurance, Retail, Gaming, Manufacturing, Healthcare, etc. Some of the services offered are:   Mobility solutions
Application development and maintenance services  
  • End-to-end application design, development and maintenance services across various platforms (Android™, BlackBerry®, iOS, Mobile Web, Windows Mobile
  • Proven implementation methodology with an emphasis on standards and processes resulting in robust deployments
Mobile QA services
  • Multiple state-of-the-art mobility labs
  • Inclusive mobile QA services for enterprise apps
Mobile infrastructure management services
  • Comprehensive mobile application, device, and infrastructure management services
  • Support for expanding plurality of devices in enterprises

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