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Mainframe COBOL App Modernization & Migration – NxTran

The evolution of web technologies in the recent years makes a compulsive reason for companies to consider migrating legacy mainframe COBOL applications to modern technologies like Java or .NET.

Kumaran Systems has developed an effective and comprehensive Mainframe Legacy -to-JEE/.NET modernization practice. The modernization is powered by an internally developed re-engineering workbench NxTran. The Workbench is a collection of tools, each focus on specific source technology (BMS, COBOL and JCL) and convert them to JEE or .NET. It is an effective and comprehensive workbench, which helps to highly automate entire migration process.

Here are some of the salient features of NxTran:

  • Perform Mainframe Code Analysis and generates inventory of the application
  • Convert BMS User Interface to HTML5, CSS3, Angular JS.
  • Convert COBOL Business Logic to Java.
  • Convert Batch Logic to Spring Batch.
  • Convert COBOL Stored Procedure to DB2 Native SQL.