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Business Benefits

Kumaran’s Legacy-to-JEE Migration Practices

With the help of Forms*Converter, we at Kumaran have set our automation benchmarks at a maximum of 60%. This is because our experience shows that a higher level of automation is not feasible and trying for more brings zero value to the business. It is also not advisable, because it becomes imperative for tools to duplicate coupling logic from thick clients, and this can lead to a tight coupling of Presentation tier, Business tier, and Database/persistence tier. Changes made at any of the tier will enforce changes to be made at other tiers, thus the essence of code manageability will be lost.

Beyond the 60% automation limit, our consultants re-engineer the code and optimize it. This helps create an application exactly as per the client requirements the first time over, reducing iterative development, risk of bugs is also mitigated and the application remains light and highly portable, robust and scalable across the application servers.