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What We Offer

Here are some of the salient features of Forms*Converter:

  • Workbench is a collection of tools, each focused on specific source targets of migrating to JEE and ADF.
  • Workbench-based automatic migration, as opposed to rewriting, reduces development time because it involves moving to a new system based on business logic, requirements, and functionality that is already well defined.
  • Functional testing efforts are reduced to a great extent as the code is generated automatically based on the original source code.
  • Automatic migration makes for a relatively low risk development project because of the reduction in time.
  • Rich user interface which is an additional business value with multiple choices of color themes.
  • Increased level of customization and code maintainability in JEE development standards.
  • Automatic migration tools accelerate the production of code, after the application has been rebuilt in Java, acceptance testing, integration, and customization are performed.