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Kumaran Systems latest addition to its platter of solutions is the flagship technical documentation product, called Program Scanner.

Program Scanner is an informative and convenient technical documentation tool for easy understanding and maintenance of ORACLE Forms application. The cost-effective solution provides up-to-date technical documentation on ORACLE Forms design and run-time application through various user-friendly reports and diagrams. Each report and diagram is unique, and this feature helps the user get acquainted with the application much faster.


Business Challenges

  • Difficulty in viewing and understanding the logic structure of applications used
  • Difficulty in effectively and consistently maintaining common codes
  • Inconsistent program module update checks
  • Non-transparent application database
  • High costs associated with reinventing
  • Shrinking labor pool expertise
  • Lack of flexibility, leading to low productivity

What We Offer

Program Scanner is a unique tool, which automatically generates technical documentation for ORACLE Forms Developer applications, including all versions from 3.0 directly to 6i. Program Scanner produces several reports, including Cross-Reference Reports and Flow Diagrams, that can be viewed either online or offline.

The output is viewable in Txt, Excel, HTML, and PDF formats. It allows for information storing in a Data Dictionary, which can be accessed by multiple users and exported in spreadsheet format for further analysis. The documentation produced by Program Scanner provides a medium for clear understanding of an application's logic structure in order to enhance the organization's ability to efficiently and effectively maintain the code on an ongoing basis.

Business Benefits

Business Benefits

Here are some of the business advantages that Program Scanner offers:

  • Get up-to-date technical documentation about the application.
  • Identify the common code; understand application intricacies better.
  • Fine tune and enhance your application strength by cross-checking generated reports and diagrams.
  • Minimize the cost of in re-inventing.
  • Enable program module-update consistency checks.
  • Get transparent application database.
  • Increase performance and productivity.

Technical Benefits

Technical benefits
  • Trigger or Program unit-specific reports viewable through mutual views feature between various objects
  • Simpler Database Table communication
  • On-line validation of output generated with the PL/SQL code using the Control Flow Diagram
  • Time-saving search using Sort and Find functions

Product Description

Here are some of the salient features of PROGRAM Converter:

  • Assured Results

    Table-Column Usage Report

    Table column Usage Report gives statistics of the column being referred through Form blocks/DML statements. By using this report, the user can learn how ORACLE Forms manages transactions through its Triggers or Program Unit. The user can also obtain information on the specific columns in the Base Table being accessed by the PL/SQL Program Unit.

  • Exceptional results

    Global Variable Usage Report

    This report gives the exact usage of Global Variable in the form. The statistics show the Global Variable reference in PL/SQL blocks or in the properties of a form object. It also allows the developer to identify the global variables that have been read, written, or erased.

  • Presenting icon

    Complex Program Unit Report

    This report identifies and informs the complex PL/ SQL blocks. The user can fix a criteria or equation to decide the PL/SQL blocks that may be complex. Nested Blocks, Nested Sub-Queries, and Logical AND/OR is considered as possible candidates in determining the complex program units.

  • Great UI

    Data Flow Diagram

    This diagram represents the database Table Column flow that has been read and written from an application to the database and vice versa.

  • Solution we provide

    Control Flow Diagram

    Control Flow Diagram traces the path of various program units that is called due to the possible trigger getting fired or executed. When a trigger is invoked the related built-ins, procedural, or functional calls at various scopes are mapped in a diagrammatic form.

  • Keep ahead of competition

    Menu Diagram

    Menu Diagram describes the menu items and their respective role access. Menu output is represented in a tree diagram for easier understanding.

  • save money

    Event Flow Diagram

    Event Flow Diagram provides a sequence of events that are triggered during run-time of ORACLE Forms application. It spans across multiple forms for easier knowledge of the run-time application, thereby reducing the cost of re-inventing.

  • 30-Day Warranty Support

    We assure you of a 30-day warranty support once the application goes live in production.

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