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At Kumaran, we can provide you with business-driven technology solutions. Equipped with more than 65,500 staff-days of Retail domain experience, we understand your business needs.

We offer solutions to cater to your need to improve efficiencies, cut costs, and drive revenue up.

Retail Supply Chain Management System

Kumaran's expertise includes implementation of Warehouse Management Systems. We also deliver strategic, tactical, or operational solutions that enable efficient supply chain management and accurate decision-making. We can also offer to build reports and solutions that collect metrics and data to report on the operational efficiency of the retail supply chains. The products we can implement include RedPrairie®, Oracle Supply Chain Management.

Implementation of Retail Products

Kumaran owns a rich pool of technical and functional resources, who can help in rolling out retail products like ORACLE, JDA/ RedPrairie. We also undertake migration of existing applications into new product stacks.
Business Benefits

Retail B2B

Kumaran has built B2B solutions for its clientele. Here are the business benefits:

  • Considerable reduction in errors, which earlier resulted in loss of revenue and sales
  • Ability to track all shipments in transit
  • E-invoicing lifecycle on daily or weekly basis
  • Vendor-managed inventory, which helped shift warehousing costs to suppliers
  • Faster purchase order processing and real-time tracking
  • Faster payment recovery lifecycle, which increases cash flow
  • Quicker access to audit trail for purchase orders and invoicing
  • Better reporting capability on the performance of the B2B process

Retail Service Offerings

Large organizations are facing the challenge of processing and capitalizing on huge volume of information moving at faster pace between multiple business systems than ever before. Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) lets an organization connect their various systems in a secure manner, without the need of the various business systems to connect to each other without having to directly talk to each other.

We can help you implement proprietary or open source Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) products. Our expertise among other include TIBCO, Mule ESB

We are TIBCO TPN Partner and some of the TIBCO Technical Service Offerings

We offer are

  • TIBCO Development Services
    • TIBCO Business Works
    • TIBCO Business Events┬«
  • TIBCO Administrative & Monitoring Services

Retail Mobility

The explosion of smartphones and tablets are enabling smart retailers to address the below listed traditional pain points by deploying Retail Mobile Apps

  • Improve Customer Experience
  • Sales and Delivery Channels are getting saturated minimizing opportunities to cross-sell
  • Maintain sustainable Growth

Kumaran can help with your need to port existing Retail Apps like POS to Mobile, or / and build new mobile apps like

  • Store Inventory scanner for store personal
  • Mobile eCommerce
  • Mobile Marketing

Retail Managed Services

If you have an existing retail application and are considering managed service option, we can provide you with the solutions that you need. We are currently doing just that for some of the largest retailers in North America. Our proven Offsite-Onsite delivery model, coupled with our domain expertise and competitive pricing, makes for a very viable proposition. We have helped some of the largest North American retailers make their managed service move seamless and stress-free.

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