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Retail Industry Offerings

Retail Industry Offerings

Kumaran has retail domain expertise which aligns to the needs of retail giants whose business interests are in Purchasing, POS, eCommerce sites, Vendor management, PO management, Sales order management, Payment processes, Distribution/Supply chain management, Retail accounts management, Oracle financials, Work order management, Private lender management and Warranty management.

Kumaran provides a wide range of services that has helped some of the largest retailers in North America streamline and optimize their applications and business process. Our analytical solution(IM) framework help organizations take insightful decisions to improve sales performance, achieve better responsiveness, and streamline supply chain management.

Business Challenges

  • Demand for customer-focused retail
  • Demand forecasting
  • Price Optimization
  • Highly-competitive and saturated market segments
  • Need for consolidated and optimized supply chain management

What We Offer

We offer our expertise in Retail, Supply Chain Management, Retail B2B and Business Intelligence Reporting for measurable performance increase in merchandising, supply chain, sales, customer-driven analytics, store, and product mix. We also undertake managed services, development and product customization. Based on your needs, we can also build customized retail solutions via open source components by using Kumaran Open Source Strategic Business Unit (SBU). Together, we can transform your business. Retail IT Solutions

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