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Capital Funding Solutions

Due to the global recession and latest market trends the capital funding sector is in an unprecedented transformation. Global demand for new projects, raising execution cost, price volatility has made fund management very complex resulting in inefficient usage of allocated funds. This results in cancellation of proposed projects and leads to dependence on debt financing to complete existing projects. We need to remodel the entire life cycle of how funding is allocated, assigned, distributed, and accounted to ensure that funds are used efficiently. The need of the day is an effective fund management system suitable for current business trends and challenges.

Business Challenges

  • Inefficient capital fund management system
  • Higher cost per project
  • Higher dependence on debt financing
  • Delayed implementation of proposed new projects

How Kumaran Helps

Kumaran solution provided the required efficiency in the capital funding system through workflow automation, accurate processing of funding data, and modernization in architecture integration, which were the key to answer the business pains.

The solution has the ability to integrate into any technology stack such as Open System, Open Source, and SOA, which gives the required cost-effectiveness and technology advancements.

Business Benefits

Service Offering

Capital Funding Domain Offerings

  • Real-Time Fund Data Processing: Funding data is processed real-time through centralized repository for data processing. The workflow process funding data about ten times than a legacy system. The workflow also eliminates data errors enabling accurate reporting of capital funds. Real-time processing of funding data enables centralized data storage having the potential to bring in all agencies under single workflow.
  • Workflow Automation: Real-time processing of accelerated vouchering to transmit the checks to vendors. Improvement in turn, around of payment to vendors through accelerated vouchering.
  • Open Integration: The solution had the ability to integrate with J2EE, SOA, and Open Source, which gives the edge of cost effectiveness and latest technology advancements.
  • Modernization: Capital Funding System adopts modernization efficiently and cost effectively, helping it better meet today's needs and strategically position it for future growth.

Why Kumaran?

  • Centralized fund management system for all agencies under one roof
  • Open Integration with any technology for latest advantages
  • Real-time fund data access with automation in workflows
  • Best utilization of technology for cost optimization by using Open Source
  • Optimization of federal funds and receiving debt financing
  • Accurate funding status to assist better implementation of capital projects by automation using workflows
  • Faster and more efficient reporting mechanism by using BI
  • Well-designed architecture has facilitated for easy maintenance of the system

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