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In today’s evolving environment with its accelerated speed of change, organizations are waking up to the resurgent importance and benefits of being agile and responsive. However, in the intensely competitive and ever-changing global market, agility is no more a differentiator. Agility has become the essential ingredient for running “business as usual”.

Kumaran provides the catalyst in the form of Enterprise Portal to achieve agility in organizational processes. Kumaran’s Enterprise Portal provides flexibility in internal business processes and ability to connect to different sensors, devices and content sources through a variety of new platforms to access contextual data, blogs, wikis, on-demand video, etc. These resources are made flexible to allow continuous reconfiguration to suit the requirements of the business.

Enterprise portal

Business Challenges

We assure you these technological benefits that allow you to surge ahead of competition:
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    Gaining Competitive Advantage through customer centricity

    With the ongoing globalization, consolidation and ever-changing customer preferences, organizations are being forced to strive for operational efficiency and agility to implement innovative customer-centric initiatives and demand-based solutions.
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    Integration of disparate applications

    Information resides within the organization but in application silos due to which crucial time is lost in searching for the desired information. Integrating these disparate applications provides meaningful information insights that aid quick and accurate business decisions.
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    Efficiency in collaboration

    With the increasing global footprint, organizations find it a big challenge to manage a large team of multi-lingual users scattered across multiple geographical locations or time zones. Seamless coordination and efficient collaboration among the team members to meet the organizational goal becomes a key challenge. This collaboration empowers the workforce and aids in quick resolution to complex business problems.
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    Security of the digital and human assets (knowledge) of an organization and access by the right person(s) is critical and of high priority. This necessitates changes to be introduced in the business process to accommodate transparency and novel approaches for security across the extended supply chain.
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    Email Management

    Email is treated as a valid legal document in the court of law and unintentional deletion of critical mails can lead to colossal loss for the business if it is pursuing legal battle. Email integration and management becomes indispensible for collaboration, governance and protection against any litigation.
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    Social Media

    Of late, many companies are utilizing the social web to find target customers and to position their solution in the minds of the customer. Companies who use Social Media effectively for branding & marketing will gain manifolds. Companies are using Web 2.0 for product innovation, collaboration, to understand market needs and to create Employee Equity.
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    Organizational Growth

    As the Employees, Partners, Customers and stakeholders keep increasing, organizations find it difficult to manage and meet their ever increasing demands on information. In order to remain competitive, organizations need to create a single view of the product and service information to enable information sharing across the enterprise, improve efficiency in supply chain processes and eliminate redundancy in product data.
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    Increase in unstructured data

    Most of the organizations hoard a mass of unstructured data in the form of emails, faxes, MS Office documents (Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations), design documents, records of interaction with customers, trading and business partners, etc. The volume of digitally stored data is growing at a fanatic pace. Analysts have estimated that over the years it will grow by 5 fold over the next 2-3 years.
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    Regulatory compliances

    Ever changing regulatory compliances has compelled organizations to align people, process and policies in an innovative manner so that they can quickly react to unexpected business challenges. To address this, the organizations require a high degree of interoperability among existing systems and require instant access to desired information.

Enterprise Portal

Enterprise information portal Kumaran brings its unique strengths and assets to help address these concerns through its Enterprise Portal solution. Our solution encompasses almost everything required for an enterprise of any size to function smoothly. Inbuilt components for integration with ERPs, CRM and some of the legacy platforms helps reduce the implementation cycle time to a greater extend. The inbuilt mobile platform brings agility with the workforce. Kumaran can help create an integrated environment by bringing both structured and unstructured data on to a single platform and create a roadmap for an enterprise to deploy a successful Enterprise Information Portal.
Enterprise portal dashboard Kumaran's Enterprise Portal solution provides the users a personalized and centralized interface which is easy to use and provides access to the desired information, applications and services. This helps them to participate in collaborative business processes at reduced time and cost. Kumaran's Enterprise Portal Solution provides all the users (Employees and Trading Partners) with personalized and convenient access to everything that is required (Information, Applications, Services) anytime (24x7), anywhere using a Web Browser/PDAs/Mobile Devices in a secure format to get their task or job done.

Benefits of Kumaran's Enterprise Portal Solution

  • Instant access to desired information to take accurate business decisions
  • Transform to paperless operations and respond to market dynamics
  • Quick integration with legacy systems and ERPs
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Increased productivity with optimized resources
  • Access to centralized repository of records and other related information
  • Enhance web presence without dependence on technical team
  • Dynamic email integration and management
  • High security to minimize information misuse
  • Enhanced employee equity through knowledge sharing

Solution Strength

  • Integrated Identity and Authorization Management (IAM)
  • Out of the box email integration and management
  • Integrated Document Management with live edit
  • Pre-built components for faster deployments
  • Single sign on for web applications
  • Mobile Solutions for agility
  • Integration with legacy systems and ERPs