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Application migration services

What Kumaran offers

What We Offer

Kumaran works as your partner to deliver the most effective solutions:

  • Conversions and migrations from one
    environment to another
  • Reverse engineering of applications
  • Database migration
  • Architecture change
  • Operating system migration
  • Functionality change and enhancement
  • Quality documentation of existing
    and future systems
  • Complete rewrite of applications
  • Integration of new/re-write applications with
    existing systems
  • Business process understanding and documenting
    user requirements
  • Offshore systems and performance testing
  • Implementation support and user training

Legacy applications are repositories of business knowledge. As you move to modernize them, you need to make sure that this knowledge is implemented, validated, and redeployed efficiently in the new system to ensure business continuity. Accurately preserving embedded business decisions and business rules during modernization is often cited as the primary concern of most companies that take up modernization.