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Functional Testing

Functional Testing aims to ensure that the software works according to its specifications and behaves the way it was intended to. To deliver business value, a clear understanding of the customer’s requirement is essential. Functional testing plays a crucial role in translating those requirements into applications that meets customer demands.

KSTS focuses on validating whether the solution meets business requirements, rather than just testing the application. Rapid knowledge acquisition through techno-functional associates from respective industry helps in designing fool-proof tests.

With the right combination of domain knowledge, application testing expertise, and adaptable test methodology we enhance the quality of the software by using manual or automated testing, or both.

Here are the benefits that Kumaran assures you

  • Avoid defects resulting from functional gaps, earlier in lifecycle
  • Reduce wastage of time due to multiple cycles of testing
  • Focus on business scenario validations rather than simple testing
  • Reduce costs incurred during testing by using the right approach

Our Functional Testing Services Include

Integration Testing
Integration testing validates the component interoperability after the individual components are combined into groups through interfaces. KSTS focuses solely on the outputs generated in response to a range of inputs as test data and verify the data flow across modules.

System Testing
System testing service is focused towards evaluating the system as a whole. It also checks the compliance of a system against various parameters identified.

Regression Testing
Regression testing is to ensure proper behavior of an application after fixes or functional improvements have been applied to the software. Kumaran’s teams are adept enough to carry out both manual and automated regression testing based on the requirement.

User Acceptance Testing
User acceptance testing is a critical and final step before going live with process. This service focuses on providing good business sense to the intended users in an easily acceptable manner.

Kumaran's Time-Tested Approach

We adhere to a phased approach for testing for maximum results: Kumaran's Time-Tested ApproachBusiness Benefits

Business Benefits

Here is the business value that we assure you
  • Defect prevention by early defect detection
  • Complete functional coverage with real time scenarios
  • Tailored testing processes to meet different types of development methodologies
  • Use of automated testing for better efficiency and avoid redundant cycles
  • Application knowledge acquisition with strong domain experts