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Vessel Risk Management Automation Solution

To automate your vessel risk assessments, we can create automated applications that will run on a web-based technology. Our solutions will help you assess vessel risk with complete accuracy. We could even enable remote access, whereby you could access the automated system from different locations through a secured Internet connection. This application can manage large vessel data banks. We also assure you of fast and secure data retrieval, for making those critical decisions quick.

Business Challenges

Your Challenges; Our Solutions

As much as it is vital for the smooth running of international trade, the maritime industry has been known to be highly risky. In order to reduce risk exposure, charterers or ship owners assess vessel quality and international compliances. Even a minor oversight in these Vessel Risk Assessments could cause devastating accidents, which could lead to huge penalties for the organization. We automate these Vessel Risk Management processes for our clients, thereby eliminating a chance of human error and assuring accurate decisions in chartering. In manual Vessel Risk Management process, vetting agents prepare detailed analyses reports based on a set of parameters. These are the international regulatory compliance parameters in manual Vessel Risk Management:
  • SIRE inspection reports
  • Port state control inspection
  • Company policy and standards
  • Safety and quality certification validity
  • Ship operator quality
This manual method leaves gaps for several errors to creep in, thereby putting safety at risk. Human errors, inconsistent decision-making, improper record maintenance, and ineffective workflow management are all factors that can jeopardize safety.

How Kumaran Helps

Kumaran has ample experience in maritime industry and our domain knowledge is irrefutable. We have onboard an excellent team of business consultants, who bring with them valuable insights drawn from their long associations with major oil companies and top ship management organizations. We have a pool of advanced technology experts whose innovative IT solutions bring surprising simplicity to even the most complex maritime business processes. For years, Kumaran has been partnering with leading maritime consulting organization. These valuable exposures have helped us understand our client's business challenges and provide them with IT solutions that are just perfectly complementing.

Operator Quality Verification

Operator quality will be evaluated based on fleet performance data. This would help to understand operator safety and quality process and practice.

These modules in the standard Risk Assessment process enable the vetting agent to make appropriate decision on Vessel quality. The application will maintain an organizational hierarchy-based workflow to procure the final vetting approval, ruling out chances for hierarchy violations. After each vetting approval, the application will store approval records for each vessel in a summary page. This will allow the vetting agent to retrieve accurate information about any vessel any time it is required.

Business Benefits

Business Benefits

The Kumaran solution provides these benefits to your Risk Management Automation:

  • Effective risk mitigation
  • Improved work environment
  • Reduced casualties
  • Controlled cost of operations
  • Increased revenue
  • Well-aligned quality check processes in line with your organization's safety standards
  • Enterprise-wide implementation of risk management

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