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Integrated Multi-Vendor Management

One of the greatest barriers to getting integrated multi-vendor management mandate underway by the communication service provider has been the lack of collaboration by vendors, carriers and standards bodies to address the problem together. Vendor-independent multi-vendor paradigm with a pronounced open architecture, specifically designed for advanced management of earth stations, headends, backbones, datacenters, HFC networks, digital television platforms, satellite uplinks & downlinks is the need of the communication service providers squeezed by ever reducing margins and increased OPEX in a highly uncertain and competitive landscape.

Very few communication service providers have single vendor networks, and the overhead and challenges of integrating heterogeneous OSS/BSS applications and systems with equipment across different technologies are expensive and time-consuming.

Kumaran Integrated Multi-Vendor Management solution empowers the communication service provider operation team unconditional and guaranteed interface with any device or system from any vendor, irrespective of its interface, proprietary or standard, and this shall be proven through a sufficiently wide variety of deployed integrations. This effectively prevents any potential technical limitations from impacting on the roll-out and deployment. The intent is to consolidate the synthesized information from each family of OSS/BSS to an end-to-end health monitoring, providing Remote Monitoring Capabilities to the user. Additionally, the system would enable a Centralized Configuration Management of the converged landscape to accommodate changes/updates and patches.

Business Challenge

  • Lack of consolidated view at device, network, service and customer layers
  • Large numbers of disparate and disconnected OSS/BSS systems
  • Difficulty prioritizing based on customer/revenue impact
  • Inability to perform end-to-end intelligent root cause analysis
  • Infrastructure complexity inhibits use of new frameworks
Business challenges

We Help

  • Equipment Vendors : Kumaran Integrated Multi-Vendor Management solution converges the EMS/NMS layers of functionality to provide a single point of integration between all the network element types in your family and higher-layer OSS/BSS systems, and provides a standards-based northbound interface into the Fault, Inventory, Performance and Activation systems that your customers are already using.
  • Communication Service Providers: Kumaran solution empowers communication service providers quickly and cost-effectively create, manage, distribute and monetize new services through an integrated multi-system enablement – reducing time to revenue for new service deployments.

Assurance by Line of Business

  • Solid platform strategy — Building with industry-standard components enables flexibility and easy scalability
  • Ability to develop more integration friendly offerings, thereby facilitating easier adoption in service provider environments
  • Provide more "out-of-the-box" open connectivity options
  • Improve native support to legacy environments, including mainframes
  • Improve ability to rapidly add additional northbound and southbound interfaces to influence revenue
  • Reduce data mismatches between northbound and southbound data by providing more direct integration choices

Business Benefits

Business Benefits
  • Reduced operating expenses with fully integrated tools throughout the entire service and network life cycle
  • Single, overarching network management solution for several technologies and product families
  • Rapid response to network changes and requests to maximize customer satisfaction and network availability
  • Easy adaptation to operator's needs with automated processes and tools for service creation and upgrades
  • Reduce OPEX through increased efficiency and more streamlined day-to-day operation
  • Improve quality of services and reduce disturbances, giving a better user experience that builds loyalty while generating revenue
  • Increase network utilization through better resource management and faster problem resolution

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