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Telecom service providers are facing tremendous challenges on improving profit margins, falling ARPU’s, high customer churn, fierce competition, customer experience, maintaining QoS, demand for new services and bundles, and heavy investments for network transformation.

At the same time, fast-paced innovation, advent of next generation wireless technology (LTE/Wimax), converged networks, competition from new entrants and demand for end-to-end managed services from service providers is putting immense pressure on telecom equipment vendors.

  • IT and Business transformation Services and Telecom Efficient operations
  • Product Engineering Services
  • OEM Services
  • Entertainment Services and Offerings
  • SS7 and IN Offerings

IT & Business transformation Services & Telecom Efficient Operations

Our approach is driven by a significant focus on communications domain consulting that helps make business benefits visible to our clients. Backed by our telecommunications package solutions, end-to-end architectural skills development, and an ecosystem of alliance partners, we are equipped with the bandwidth to help ‘rewire’ the enterprise. Our optimization expertise is unique in that it addresses a complex need – supporting new business models and evolving network technology while maintaining cost efficiency and business agility, with programs for modernizing business support systems (BSS) and operational support systems (OSS) capabilities.