Financial Analyzer

Bringing you the financial snapshot
of a business entity in just a click

Generate your financial ratios effortlessly

Kumaran Financial Analyzer is a tool for computing important ratios. By feeding the data input from Income statement and Balance sheet, a set of common ratios are automatically generated in the screen. These set of financial ratios are fundamental to any Banker as the credit decisions are made based on these set of ratios.

KFA can be used for the analysis of a company or individual’s financial statement, typically by financial analysts or grantors of credit like commercial, small business, agricultural and consumer lending institutions.

Some of the
features of Financial
Analyzer are
as follows

Highly customizable tool
Business performance
Financial ratio computations
for ‘Actuals’, ‘Projections’
& ‘Estimates’
Supports ratio calculation of varied industries

Benefits Of
Financial Analyzer

Banks can leverage the capabilities of Kumaran’s Financial Analyzer to harness the benefits

  • Provides a ‘financial snapshot’ of the company
  • Accurate calculation of Financial Rating
  • Financial statement data evaluation
  • Forecasts to produce assessments of business entity’s operating performance
  • Offers ratios and indicators that aid in financial status of an entity
  • In depth guidance in entering information in forms through templates
  • Helps in assessing financial strengths, weaknesses and arrive at insights

Financial Analyzer

Kumaran Financial Analyzer - Banking Finance Solutions

Extensive set of features of our Financial Analyzer

Highly customizable tool
Financial ratio computations for
‘Actuals’, ‘Projections’ & ‘Estimates’
Business performance comparison
Supports ratio calculation of varied industries

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