The Client

Providian ranks as the fifth-largest bank card provider in the USA, covering a broad range of lending, deposit, and membership-based products.Providian is positioned to deliver value to customers as well as shareholders. Headquartered in San Francisco, the bank has operations centers throughout the country in California (Fairfield, Oakland, Pleasanton, Sacramento and San Francisco), Kentucky, Nevada, New Hampshire, Texas (Arlington, Austin, and San Antonio), and Utah. They also have operations centers in the United Kingdom and Argentina. Providian’s operations centers provide support for VISA® and MasterCard® credit cards, membership services, and high-yield deposit accounts.

Business Challenges

Providian’s operations are supported by a system that has been developed using the Informix database as back-end and Visual Basic as front-end interaction tools. The APS system is the main processing tool. Apart from this, there are several other systems being utilized, ARP, LAP, DTP, OFR, and Refresher. Parts of the applications were developed using Informix Esql/c.

Kumaran Solution

The entire application was migrated from Informix to Oracle. The Informix 4gl procedures were converted into Oracle PL/SQL packages. These conversions were handled using a 4gl conversion tool, which partially converts the Informix 4gl scripts to Oracle PL/SQL script. The rest of the conversion process was handled manually to bring the Oracle PL/SQL to a 100% migrated state that accurately rejects the functionality of the original Informix 4gl. Some of the Informix 4gl scripts would only generate the report files and these files were then converted into Oracle reports. Similarly, applications written in ESQL/C and Informix embedded SQL solution were also migrated to Pro*c and Oracle SQL solution, by using the ESQL/C converter.

Solution Benefits

The existing application was successfully migrated to Oracle PL/SQL packages and Pro*c, thereby improving the performance that the client required.

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