Move Data to Cloud

Reduce the infrastructure including the hardware cost and Maintenance Cost and Investment not required in Performance tuning, Security and Database Maintenance


What We Offer

Data Management Migration Services

*  Migrate on premises to Cloud
*  Migrate Cloud to Cloud

Support and Maintenance Service

Kumaran has pre-built solutions and frameworks for the Data migration in Cloud, aimed at minimize the risk, accelerating and reducing the costs of a cloud implementation

Migration Process

Kumaran will addresses the key issues at the initial stages will save the effort in future.

Define the Strategy

Create small POC before the actual migration.
Collect the information about the Servers, Software Applications including license info.
Create backup of Applications and Data.
Verify the Data formats that compatible with Cloud required formats also verify the applications are compatible to migrate to cloud.


Setup the Application in Cloud environment.
Migrate cleansed version of data to cloud.
Perform Functional and Security testing.
Perform UAT to ensure that the cloud infrastructure is fit and ready for the purpose.


Monitor the cloud infrastructure usage and based on this can scale infrastructure

Business Benefits


Able to deploy the applications and services faster in cloud

Cloud data management provides greater security
   Business Intelligence

Cloud Applications is bundled with Business Intelligence

   Disaster recovery

Disaster Recovery systems can be implemented much faster and simple while allowing far better control over resources. Customer need to worry about the Disaster recovery

   Work from Anywhere

Cloud computing environments allow remotely located employees to access applications and work via the Internet

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