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mainframe modernization overview

Mainframe Modernization Services Overview

The dynamic nature of today’s business landscape warrants efficient technologies to keep up with ever-changing demands. Businesses need to keep their mainframe systems up to date to effectively address futuristic demands.

With an exceptional experience of 3 decades in the legacy application mainframe modernization service space, Kumaran’s expert mainframe modernization service empowers businesses to effectively embark on mainframe modernization, eliminating the pitfalls of legacy mainframe systems and taking a bold step into the future.

State of the Art Processes, Frameworks, & Process Accelerators

Differentiating Mainframe modernizations
NxTran – Differentiating
Mainframe modernizations

Proven tool assisted migration process to enable cost-effective and seamless mainframe migration service experience resulting in faster time to market.

Eliminating the pitfalls of Mainframe Applications
Eliminating the
pitfalls of Mainframe

Identifying your mainframe challenges and eliminating them through our customized and tool assisted Mainframe modernization service solutions.

Enabling end to end enterprise transformation
Enabling end to
end enterprise

Kumaran’s seasoned Mainframe Modernization experts empower your businesses by driving end to end enterprise transformation.

Challenges of Legacy Mainframe Applications

challenges of legacy mainframe applications hign maintenance costs

High maintenance costs

Maintaining mainframes are becoming a costlier issue, considering the licensing and the associated maintenance costs

mainframe developers shrinking labor pool

Shrinking labor pool

Retiring legacy workforce and simultaneous non availability of skilled resources for maintaining mainframe systems and developing applications have created a void for skilled labor pool.

inability to support business agility

Inability to support
Business Agility

Legacy Mainframe systems inhibit the businesses to follow agile business delivery models leading to latencies in quickly responding to market, industry, and client requirements.

integration complexities

Integration Complexities

Disparate systems within the legacy mainframe allow limited or no scope for communication with one other, inhibiting easier integration with other business applications.

Kumaran’s Mainframe Modernization Service Solution

Legacy Mainframe applications have complexities in terms of interoperability, integration, inter-dependencies, lack of documentation, dead codes that need to be refactored, large call trees, security issues, etc. Also, the growing business demands leave your businesses with increasing workloads on your mainframes leading to a proportional increase in MIPS usage and subsequently the overall IT budget.

Migrate your mission-critical applications to Modern Architecture

Kumaran’s Mainframe modernization service is a comprehensive solution that eliminates the limitations of mainframe systems and challenges in migration initiatives through our proprietary tool NxTran. Our Mainframe modernization service solution will modernize your critical mainframe workloads to distributed platforms such as Linux or Cloud to achieve:

  • Reduced
    MIPS usage
  • Leverage the advantages
    of latest technologies
  • Reduced
    IT budget
  • Digital roadmap to the
    emerging technologies

Kumaran with over 3 decades of Mainframe Modernization service experience along with a proven set of processes, people, and products makes Mainframe modernization seamless and accurate by retaining the existing functionalities intact, and improving scope for future capabilities. Kumaran will be your strategic and reliable mainframe modernization service partner equipped to modernize your legacy mainframe systems to the latest technologies and guide you on the path to the future.

What’s our Mainframe Modernization Approach?

Kumaran’s experience of performing over 2000 migrations for multi-various Fortune companies, large corporations, and government agencies has endowed us with rich knowledge and valuable insights. We have continually perfected our modernization process by incorporating process efficiency protocols and building process accelerators.

Today, Kumaran follows a highly automated tool based modernization in a phased manner. At the heart of our modernization solution is NxTran (Next Generation Transformer), a productivity improvement tool that harnesses the power of automation to perform seamless mainframe migrations

legacy mainframe modernization approach

NxTran is built from the scratch in-house at Kumaran, to enhance the mainframe migration process.
The effects of NxTran in our migration process are

  • High degree of
  • Improved migration
  • Retain existing
  • Reduce scope for
    manual errors
  • Reduced effort leading
    to reduced costs
  • Reduce the operational
    mainframe workloads
  • Faster time to market

Mainframe Modernization Process

mainframe modernization process

Business Benefits

  • Reduced MIPS
  • Lowered Total Cost
    of Ownership
  • Faster time to
  • Near real-time
    processing capabilities
  • Ability to handle
    growing data
  • Eliminate risks of
    legacy technologies
  • Improved
  • Increased business

Technical Benefits

  • Cloud
  • Highly Scalable
  • No Proprietary
  • DevOps
  • No more green
  • Reduced batch
    job cycles
  • Improved
  • Reduced risk
    of failure

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