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Kumaran Systems partnership model has been built to compliment each other’s strength in maximizing client returns. Kumaran Systems deep technical expertise over decades has allowed us to handpick and collaborate with some of the best minds in the tech space. Our partnerships are built across levels with broad engagements across the org, enabling a better model of delivery for clients.

Kumaran Systems partners with MetricStream, a global pioneer in GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) technology, to embark on a transformative journey, setting the stage for a new era characterized by exceptional compliance standards within the banking sector. In today’s dynamic business environment, financial institutions face multifaceted challenges, including stringent regulations, operational risks, and the need for robust compliance management. Here the vision is to empower clients with the tools and strategies needed to not only survive but thrive amidst these challenges.

Through this strategic partnership, Kumaran Systems and MetricStream are poised to reshape the landscape of compliance within the banking sector. Here the collective vision is to empower banks of all sizes with state-of-the-art GRC solutions, ensuring they navigate the intricate web of regulations with precision, efficiency, and confidence. This alliance will enable us to offer our banking clients a game-changing tool that enhances their compliance practices while streamlining operations.

Kumaran’s strategic partnership with Conformiq offers an alternative approach to automate test design process, go codeless and accelerate test development. This collaboration helps us save over 40% test artifact maintenance effort and addresses both test design and maintenance overheads.

Conformiq is a leading software technology company, focused on intelligent test automation and functional test design. The solution is designed to automate the entire testing processes from design to execution with minimal human intervention. Our solution enables high Quality Speed through a no-touch, script-free testing platform, eliminating the time required for laborious test case creation, test execution & script maintenance during short sprints.

Conformiq’s approach applies AI to Test Design technology for e2e test automation. With high level of test automation and low-test maintenance, the solution enables in-sprint test automation in agile software development.

Conformiq’s products integrate with all leading Test Automation and requirement management tools for e2e automation, from requirements to test execution, uniquely auto-generating data, executable scripts, validations, and traceability.

Perforce’s Application Quality suite of software platforms is unrivalled in the testing industry.

Kumaran’s significant partnership with Perforce, using Perfecto for mobile testing, marks a strategic development. This collaboration enhances Kumaran’s mobile app testing capabilities, offering faster, more refined validation and deployment. It meets evolving client needs and sets new standards in the field, fostering innovation and excellence. Perfecto powers exceptional digital experiences by combining the power of flexible test authoring, cross-platform execution, and AI-driven analytics into one secure, cloud-based web and mobile testing platform.


BlazeMeter was designed and built by engineers who are passionate about open source. From mobile to mainframe, BlazeMeter brings teams together on a single platform with shared visibility, tests, and reports. Developers and testers can work together, using the same tool, but focus on their level of expertise. BlazeMeter provides it all: performance, functional, scriptless, API testing and monitoring, test data, and mock services. Enterprise organizations like BT and the New York Times use BlazeMeter to prepare their applications for peak traffic events.


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