Credit Risk Assessment System

Efficient computation of internal
risk rating based on varied
risk parameters

Internal Risk Rating based on quantitative and qualitative factors

Kumaran Credit Risk Assessment system provides instantaneous “internal risk rating” for any borrower based on quantitative as well as expert-judgmental factors coupled with higher and lower bounds of scores. This rating can be customized by the bank based on its internal policy.

This credit risk assessment system can be used for risk rating of customers belonging to corporate, commercial, small business, Health care, Education and agricultural business entities.

Some of the
features of Credit Risk
Assessment System
are as follows

External evaluation
– Industry/Sector
Risk & Policy Risk
Internal evaluation
– Business Risk
& Financial Risk
Capture of Actual
estimates and
Financial Projections
Generate reports,
comparisons ad trends
to analyze specific
Templates for
collection of
financial data

Benefits Of
Credit Risk
Assessment System

Banks can leverage the capabilities of Kumaran’s Credit Risk Assessment System to harness the benefits

  • Streamlines tasks / reduce redundancy of work
  • Can be easily integrated with other business application software
  • Accessible from anywhere & anytime
  • Easy online payment facility
  • Get updates & amendments separately
  • Enable the clients to increase operational efficiency & reduce cost
  • Comply with prevailing banking regulations

Credit Risk Assessment System

Credit Risk Assessment System

Extensive set of features of our Credit Risk Assessment System

Industry Evaluation
Policy Evaluation
Business Evaluation
Financial Evaluation
Management Evaluation
Reputation Evaluation
Project Evaluation
Financial Statements storage
Risk Rating Reports Generation

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