PowerBuilder Application Modernization

Migrating legacy PowerBuilder
applications to modern

Facilitate seamless PowerBuilder Modernization to modern technologies and mitigate legacy risks effectively.

PowerBuilder Application Modernization
Services Overview

PowerBuilder Modernization– Once a robust Rapid Application Development tool is now being deemed obsolete by the development community considering the laundry list of challenges posing a threat to business excellence.

Kumaran well understands the challenges in using legacy PowerBuilder applications and appeals to businesses effectively undertake PowerBuilder Modernization to modern technologies such as JEE/.NET environments to successfully mitigate the challenges.

powerbuilder application modernization services

Infuse Reliability, Maintainability & Scalability In Your Applications

PowerBuilder Converter

Fusing the capabilities of Kumaran’s PowerBuilder Converter tool and our migration experts into our solution delivery.

Powerbuilder Migration Experts
PowerBuilder Modernization Experts
with deep technical

Exceptionally qualified team of migration experts, with proven experience in a plethora of migration projects to effectively address your needs.

Proven Modernization Approach
Proven Modernization

Investing our extensive experience in PowerBuilder Modernization to refine the factory model modernization process with the help of process assets (checklists), procedures, and guidelines

Understanding the
Business Challenges

Kumaran understands that there is a serious lack of support and scalability options for PowerBuilder Applications. These drawbacks exposes the system to wide range of data integrity vulnerabilities eventually even leading to complete system failures. Besides these, there are other business challenges any organization running PowerBuilder may face

PowerBuilder skill set
Unavailability of resources
with PowerBuilder
skill set
Development platform
PowerBuilder no longer a
mainstream development
Increasing maintenance Costs
Increasing maintenance
Costs of business
High-performance business applications
Lack of scalable, reliable and
high-performance business
Web capabilities
Lack of web
User experience
Lack of sophisticated User
experience and usability

Kumaran’s PowerBuilder Application Modernization

Kumaran’s PowerBuilder Modernization is a comprehensive solution that mitigates the business challenges of using PowerBuilder applications by migrating them to the latest JEE/.NET technology stack. Kumaran’s tool based PowerBuilder Modernization is a proven, highly automated and a tool based solution that flawlessly convert your PowerBuilder applications retaining the business logic intact.

Keep your business logic intact

Kumaran follows a unique, PowerBuilder modernization approach through a phased migration implementation plan. Kumaran’s PowerBuilder Converter tool is a home grown migration process accelerator that is powered by automation to generate target code for different application layers. Our tool excels in generating maintainable code with open standards and reduces scope for manual errors.

Kumaran's PowerBuilder Migration Approach

PowerBuilder Modernization – Business Benefits

  • Minimal Total
    Cost of Ownership
  • Faster time
    to market
  • Significant
    improvement in
    application stability
  • Improved
  • Better
  • Knowledge
  • Reduced risk
    of operations
  • Competitive performance
    Scalable for changing
    business requirements
  • Easy User adoption –
    Similar target application
    UI ensures easy user adoption
  • Quicker implementation
    – due to strong technology
    expertise in tool guided
    migration process

PowerBuilder Modernization – Technical Benefits

  • Reliable, Scalable and
    Maintainable web application
  • Integration with internal
    and external systems
  • Cross browser
  • Lower maintenance
    on the transformed code
  • Rich and sophisticated
    user experience

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