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To envision and grow as digital insurer
of the future, Insurers need reliable
trusted vendor Partner(s) in their
transformation journey.

KInS enables Insurers to accelerate their digital transformation journey

Looking for a reliable
partner that will give form to
your ideas?

Leverage our expertise to formulate your ideas

Kumaran’s MVP-as-a-Service is offered to help Business and IT leaders to formulate ideas into MVP’s leveraging new age technologies for launching new products/services or for increasing Operational efficiencies that generates value for business. With deep industry and technology expertise, we can design, build and deliver MVP that is workable, market ready and goes beyond prototyping for you to demonstrate your use case for Executives buy-in.

Kumaran helps insurance companies to formulate
ideas through
Ideate on Value
Prioritize MVP
Stack Fit

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    Learn more about our specialized 4Sprint MVP strategy.

    Our exclusive 4Sprint MVP strategy considers key aspects of agility, time and budgets that will
    fit your MVP requirements – Talk to us to learn more.

    Cognitive Document

    Capitalizing on the cognitive capabilities of
    AI and ML to enhance the document processing

    Insurance is a document intensive industry – Optimize
    operational efficiency with Kumaran’s Cognitive Document
    Processing Services that harnesses the power of AI and ML
    to automate complex document processing of structured and
    unstructured data using robust cloud native tools combined
    with Kumaran capabilities

    extract claims loss history from loss run reports

    Extract Claims Loss
    history from Loss
    Run Reports

    Overcome challenge in
    extracting loss data from
    extremely complex
    non- normalized loss run
    format across carriers and
    convert into common format

    Learn more

    extract key values for autoindexing

    Extract Key
    Values for
    Auto Indexing

    Automate key pair
    data extraction from
    unstructured large
    complex documents
    for Auto Indexing

    Learn more

    Insurance Customer Centric Solutions

    Enhanced customer experience is a core value of Kumaran and we are committed to provide exceptional CX beyond on boarding to
    the digitally well connected new consumers. Kumaran enables abundant touch points for improved customer
    engagementand retention through Insurance Customer Centric solutions (Incentricity)

    Digital FNOL (First Notice of Loss)

    Digital FNOL

    Enhance customer experience
    at Moment of Truth –
    Pre-filled Policy details
    with rich media support
    for Policy Holders to
    report claim

    Learn more

    Unified View

    Unified View

    Solution for Insurance
    Broker’s Customers –
    View and Manage multiple
    Insurance Policies
    across multiple carriers
    and business lines

    Learn more



    Automated event based
    notifications to
    customers – Claim Status
    Updates, Personalized
    wishes and Alerts in the
    event of an
    emergency(Weather, State Advisory etc.)

    Learn more

    Any time Service

    Any time Service

    An omni-channel
    self-service solution
    for Insurers to offer
    business customers to
    manage all customer
    touchpoints in seamless
    and connected journey

    Learn more

    Insurance IT Solutions & Services

    Discover a wide range of focus areas in our IT solutions that we are offering over the years
    to assist insurers in building their own technology platform with required capabilities.



    We help enterprises to
    stay relevant and
    upgraded to latest new

    • Mainframe Migration
    • Legacy Applications
    • Legacy Datasources
    • Legacy Reports

    Learn more

    Enterprise Data

    Enterprise Data

    We are assisting and
    guiding our clients through
    variety of data related
    offerings to serve their

    • Data Conversion
    • Data Migration
    • DWH – ETL Maintenance
    • Data Analytics & BI

    Learn more

    Cloud Enablement

    Cloud Enablement

    Our cloud offerings enable
    organizations to reduce
    overall IT costs and reap
    maximum benefits

    • Cloud Migration and Deployment
    • Cloud Development and Deployment
    • Cloud Infrastructure Services
    • Cloud Support Services

    Learn more

    Enterprise Applications

    Enterprise Applications

    We help clients reap the
    benefits of the latest
    technologies while
    continuously modernizing
    the ecosystem.

    • Application Development and Managed Services
    • QA Services (Automation & Manual)
    • Custom API Development
    • Resource Augmentation

    Learn more

    Our kins in the Insurance Space

    Kumaran has made commendable contributions to the insurance industry through our offerings over the years.
    Through our continuous innovation and incorporation of emerging technologies Kumaran’s network of kins empowers businesses
    from these business segments to be agile, scalable and swift in their business operations

    P&C and Life Insurers

    We provide IT services to assist and help Insurer’s across P&C personal and commercial, Life and Reinsurance verticals, in building and maintaining their own technology platforms or development of custom solutions

    • Techno Functional Teams

    • Innovation Lab

    • Flexible Engagement

    Insurance Broker and Agencies

    We help you in implementing technology that empowers you in dealing with new age digital customers and deliver superior customer service. Our experts can team up with you to determine strategy and implement technology to support customer acquisition, customer engagement and integrating with Insurers systems based on your needs and budgets.

    • IT Advisory

    • Tailored Solutions

    • Pricing Model that suits


    Leverage our knowledge and experience in the insurance industry that helps you to build a fit-for-purpose team around your solution.

    • Deep Domain Expertise

    • Technological competence

    • Agile Delivery

    Expanding the
    Partner channel

    Creating a lasting and a productive
    impact to our KInS
    Kumaran aims to foster a robust partner network to pool the resources and share the collective vision to make invaluable contributions as a unit to the insurance ecosystem.

    Kumaran strives the leverage the collective capabilities of us and our kins in the insurance space to exponentially innovate and offer the best fusion of solutions to the insurance industry

    insurance product companies


    it solutions and services companies

    IT Solutions
    and Services

    technology companies


    The Kumaran Advantage

    Joining hands with Kumaran on your digital transformation journey is the business equivalent of transferring
    our expertise and boundless capabilities into your workflow

    Our Value Proposition

    Years of Average
    length of

    Effective Engagement



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