Oracle Forms Modernization

Smarter transformation of your
Legacy Oracle Forms

Transforming your Oracle Forms investments through latest
technologies and efficient upgrades

oracle forms migration overview

Oracle Forms Modernization Overview

Legacy systems are an organization’s biggest IT assets with millions of investments, decades of development from generations of a team supporting critical business functions.

Kumaran, a pioneer in Oracle Forms Modernization offers enhanced flexibility to your enterprise by modernizing and migrating your legacy systems through our Oracle Forms modernization solution.

Augment Your Legacy Applications Through Latest Upgrades & Technologies

Pioneer in
Oracle Forms

Forerunners in the Oracle Forms Modernization space, since its inception delivering Forms migration solutions of immense value

migration by automation tools
migration powered
by automation tools

Proven, refined and a highly automated migration solution through our proprietary tools Forms* Converter, GUI Converter & Object Converter

modernization expertise
3 Decades of
deep Modernization

30 years of Oracle Forms applications migration experience collaborating with a multiverse of industry backgrounds

Oracle Forms Modernization – Solution Snapshot

Kumaran offers the following Oracle Forms Modernization solutions. Customers can choose either of these options, based on their business requirements

Generating immense value through our line of Converter tools

Kumaran has perfected our Oracle Forms solution delivery by developing in-house tools and process accelerators to deliver exceptional Oracle Forms Modernization.

Kumaran deploys the coveted GUI Converter, Object Converter, and Forms* Converter into our solution delivery to catalyze the Oracle Forms Modernization process and add further value to our customers.

oracle forms modernization solution snapshot

Oracle Forms Upgrade

Why and when you should upgrade your forms?
Take advantage of being
certified on modern
Performance and
scalability improvements
Easier and improved
Compatibility with newer
Oracle products
Highest level of
Easy upgrades for future
Oracle Forms releases
Continued support from
Oracle (Documentation and
Faster Time
to market
Uninterrupted availability of
Oracle Forms developers

Solution Definition

Kumaran performs Oracle Forms upgrades with the assistance of our indigenous automation tools GUI Converter and Object Converter.

Kumaran possesses the expertise and technology resources to convert the legacy Oracle Forms versions to the latest Oracle Forms 12c

oracle forms modernization solution definition
  • Minimize post
    migration considerably
  • Eases the complete
    migration process
  • Incorporates numerous
    features into the product
    in terms of the new
  • Simple and a
    powerful tool
  • Extensive UI that is
    user friendly
Features of GUI Converter & Object Converter
  • Web Environment
  • Object Libraries
  • PL/SQL Upgrade
  • GUI Enhancements –
    Text Items to Checkbox,
    Radio, List, etc
  • Property Classes
  • Visual
  • Visual Attributes
  • Tool Tips
  • Calender Support
  • Database To File System
  • Referenced Procedures
    To PL/SQL Library/
    Object Library
  • Support Master
    Detail Relation
  • Pop-up menus
  • Tab Canvas Support
  • Full Mouse Navigation

Cross-Platform Migration

Why and When you should go for Cross-Platform Migration
Cannot use/reuse the
legacy (Oracle forms)
Retiring skilled
A requirement for
modern user interfaces
and experiences
enablement of
Licensing cost
Open platform and
open support
enterprise architecture

Solution Definition

Kumaran transforms your older Oracle Forms applications to web platforms on JEE/.NET using the in-house conversion tool Forms Converter, to minimize the effort required for the migration.

Target Architecture

oracle forms applications to web platforms

Solution Features

Tool based automatic migration
Tool-based automatic
migration as opposed to
oracle forms migration features
Reduces development time, as rewriting
involves moving to a new system based on
business logic, requirements, and
functionality that is already well defined.
generated code is target natural
No proprietary framework is
involved. The generated code is
target natural.
Relatively low risk development project
Relatively low-risk
development project because
of the reduction in time and
Functional testing efforts are reduced greatly
Functional testing efforts are
reduced greatly, as the code is
generated automatically based on
the source code.
Increased level of customization
Increased level of customization
and code maintainability in
JEE/.NET development standards.

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