About Us

Kumaran Systems

Our Legacy

Kumaran Systems was founded by a team of passionate individuals 30 years ago, fuelled by their vision and determination to create a better future through technology.

Shortly after its inception, Kumaran Systems has positioned itself as one of the most sought-after technology companies over the world through our legendary product ‘Forms*Converter’ which eases Oracle Forms Migration.

We started as a product development company and eventually extended our wings to legacy migrations, and now we have transcended into a Technology Company that houses competences for a large spectrum of IT practices.

Kumaran Systems is one of the few companies that has witnessed the IT revolution in the information era and has grown along with it thereby combining experiences and also understanding its intricate nuances.

30 years in the industry, footprint in over 20 countries and our commendable top-notch collaborations have presented us with an impeccable volume of knowledge and resources that are deployed to best use for today’s and future technology demands.

Our Capabilities

Kumaran has spread its wings of capabilities from a simple migration support company to the universe of following
IT capabilities to meet the dynamic demands of the clients in agile and swifter routines

Application Migration
and Re-engineering
Application Maintenance
& Production Support
Management Services
Mobile Application


We have partnered with major Fortune branded companies globally in the last three decades of our operations and continue to maintain our relationships to this day. Our domain expertise covers banking, insurance, fin-technology, education, automotive and government sectors. Few of our remarkable collaborations are mentioned below.

  • A global bank which is one of the ‘Big Five’ banks in Canada and Fortune 50 banks
  • A Fortune 5 multinational oil company
  • A Fortune 20 multinational energy corporation
  • 2 major automotive giants
  • A renowned space administration agency

Our Values

Enterprise Digital

Enabling end to end enterprise digital transformation has been our mantra ever since the day we began our very first enterprise migration


Infusing innovation in every aspect of solution delivery by nurturing an innovation powerhouse within Kumaran


State of the art security protocols and ISMS practices ingrained in the very DNA of Kumaran

Immense value

Delivering beyond maximum value to the client through intelligent automation and innovation in all aspects of solution delivery

Centric Engagement

Aligning with our client’s best interests in every move and keeping them informed of every action with impeccable transparency all through the engagement


Empowering our pillars of strength to grow along with the organization and being invested in all aspects of their professional and personal wellness

Efficient utilization
of resources

Extending our social responsibilities from ‘Giving back to the society’ to ‘Cutting back on the resources’ that we use.

Why Kumaran?

Kumaran is a client centric that strives to provide the maximum value to the client through our products and solutions.

Kumaran’s core value is to enable progressive digital transformation for our clients and chart a digital roadmap to the future modernization technologies. We are a renowned modernization enterprise with experience spanning 30 years partnering with large enterprises and government organizations in over 20 countries.

Internally, Kumaran nurtures a work culture that promotes innovation in every aspect of our solution building. Kumaran follows a process driven strategy in all of our solution deliveries where the technology constitutes the larger part thereby making things swifter for our clients. We try to bind the capabilities of automation in every solution delivery of ours thereby effectively minimizing the pitfalls of redundant tasks and adding productive value to our clients.

We deliver these solutions through a collaborative multi-tier engagement model that keeps the client well informed of every action, process or task. Our intensely collaborative approach has earned us coveted strategic partnerships over the decades and enabled us to establish long term business relationships.

Vision Statement

To be a leader in providing IT solutions to
customers worldwide and be a partner
in their IT management
Creating value to employees,
customers, shareholders
and society
To enhance efficiency and
To be a vibrant, customer-oriented,
quality-driven, state-of-the-art
technology company