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25th years


KUMARAN 25 – our silver path to success!

We step into another year of achieving milestones! Kumaran has turned 25. Our integrity has gained us your trust. We are happy to offer you a one-stop destination for your IT solutions. Our momentous growth in the past two and half decades has helped us achieve significant success in providing high-end IT services. We have proved our credibility well, which has gained us the priceless patronage of our clients, in three countries.

We have crossed commendable milestones.

1990 – 1995

Our inception in 1990. The innovative idea that drove us was, to launch an automated tool that converted Forms 2.3 trigger steps to Forms 3.0 PL/SQL. This eventually became a trendsetter in the area of migration. This success saw us introducing GUI* Converter in early 1995 that migrated character mode Forms 3.0 to Forms 4.5. Thus was a migration solutions company born!

1995 – 1996

We identified and tested Accell to Oracle migration and RPT conversions. We developed semi-automated tools like Accell* Converter and GUI* Report Converter.

1996 – 1999

We launched Y2K* Find and Y2K* Fix products for Oracle applications. This is when we also gained the appreciation, support and patronage of our US clients. We strengthened our R&D in cross platform migrations, building Microsoft capabilities and Data warehousing. We also offered Offshore Development Initiative (ODI) to our clients.

1999 – 2001

We emerged a global leader in IT solutions . and application development and reengineering. We built 80 strong divisions of our own, to deliver SDLC projects to global clients.

2002 – 2015

We have automated the Legacy systems and have developed the semi-automated tool webNabler, a highly effective and comprehensive Legacy to J2EE migration practice.

Our varied virtues include

  • Our business driven technology solutions through our dual competency in P&C Insurance Domain and Technology
  • Our tool based migration and reengineering approach that gives you a higher ROI
  • Our best cost advantage with our retail expertise
  • The best value we provide through our software testing
  • Our well maintainable retail cost implementation solutions
  • Our consulting and solutions that help you digitally evolve and stay creatively and financially strong