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Oracle Forms – A Product Roadmap By Michael Ferrante, Principal Product Manager, Oracle Application Development Tools

In this session we will cover the Oracle Forms product roadmap, past to present and beyond. We will also briefly discuss why upgrading to the latest product version is so important. We will then review some of the ideas Oracle is considering for new features in future releases. Finally, we will have a questions and answers session. This is an opportunity to get answers to questions, as well as share your new feature ideas with Oracle’s Product Management.

Michael Ferrante is a Product Manager in Oracle’s Application Development Tools Division and is currently responsible for the Oracle Forms product. Joining Oracle in 1999, Michael has spent over 14 years in various roles associated with Oracle Forms, including as the Forms Global Technical Lead (GTL) for Oracle Support. Based on his involvement in the Forms community, Michael works with development teams at Oracle to bring the latest innovations to future versions of Oracle Forms.

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