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The best way to increase the visibility of your insurance product is through a dynamic online quotation system. As insurance needs increase, insurance companies are also launching new products in direct proportions. Your company’s success could be manifold if you could instantly make your new products available online, complete with real-time pricing information for those quick decision-making customers.

Business Challenges in Traditional Business Operations

Insurance systems without online quotation management will lose foothold in the competitive world owing to delay in launching, long sales cycles, complex product updates, rigid pricing policy and limited market reach. Seeking manual quote is cumbersome and a big reason why customers go elsewhere. However, now it is a very simple problem to solve!

What We Offer: Kumaran's Web-Based Insurance Quotation Solutions

Kumaran's OpenQuote is a solution designed to produce insurance quotations using the Internet. OpenQuote can be configured to work for any line of business. And what is more, it can simultaneously handle diverse products!

OpenQuote configures an insurance product by specifying the information captured from the proposer. This tool speeds up time-to-market because fewer configurations are required. Any existing product can be extended by future products, with the new products inheriting all of the original product rules and attributes. Our comprehensive product and services package combines deep understanding of the insurance domain, proven project methodologies, and state-of-the-art technology. We efficiently customize our base system to fit your environments, distribution channels, and policy plans.

We also provide ongoing enhancements to keep pace with your company's growth-and help accelerate that growth.


Key Features of OpenQuote

Here Are Some of the Exciting Features of OpenQuote:

  • Produces web-enabled insurance quotations
  • Handles multiple business lines and products simultaneously
  • Uses risk evaluation and rates that can be set up in a simple spreadsheet
  • Handles broker-led and direct-to-market sales
  • Saves quotes for later review by proposer
  • Produces and issues quotation documentation
  • Informs underwriter when quotes are generated and accepted
  • Provides automatic screen generationr
  • Allows product inheritance for faster time-to-market
  • Uses XML to aide policy administration system integration
Business Benefits

Business Benefits

Here are your assured benefits:
  • Reduced time-to-market for new products
  • Improved consistency in client interaction
  • Cost saves during product innovation
  • Cost saves in product management
  • Capability to empower business users to easily prototype products
  • Nimble-footed business that can quickly react to market trends
  • Ability and free resources that can explore new lines of business

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