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Kumaran Systems offers a comprehensive ORACLE migration services suite, which helps our clients migrate to the latest versions of the ORACLE platform. Our migration services have an automation level of up to 80%. This helps our clients achieve shorter turnaround time, reduced development cost, and higher return on investment (ROI).


Business Challenges

  • High cost associated with maintenance and upgrades of expensive legacy systems
  • Risk associated with running potentially unsupported hardware and software
  • Shrinking labor pool expertise on legacy systems
  • Lack of flexibility
  • Lack of integration and web capabilities for different business applications

What We Offer

Object Converter is a suite of fully-automated ORACLE Forms migration tools, which is robust enough to migrate any version of ORACLE Forms-developed applications 4.5, 5, 6, or 6i, to Forms Developer 5, 6, 6i, 9i, or 10g. It also provides you with the latest features and support of ORACLE's object-orientation. This conversion tool simplifies the process of web-enabling your legacy applications, while taking full advantage of the internet-based technology inherent in 6i, 9i, and 10g. There will also be continued enhancement of ORACLE functionality. The migrated code is then integrated manually, tested, customized, and optimized by augmented manual services.

Business Benefits

Here are some of the business advantages that Object Converter offers:
  • The suite leverages IT investments. IT assets are given a new lease of life, by migrating the existing application to newer versions.
  • The cost of a version upgrade is much less when compared to redevelopment.
  • The suite is efficient and extremely user-friendly.
  • It helps you meet regulatory compliance requirements, besides current and future business demands.
  • It prevents obsolescence and de-support of older versions.
  • It reduces deployment costs and total cost of ownership.

Product Description

Business Benefits

Object Converter migrates all Character and Client Server versions of ORACLE Forms to Forms version 6i (web-enabled). The tool accepts Forms source files as input and delivers an output that runs on a browser, based on application code and conditions. It migrates all embedded code, for example, PL/SQL, to the latest versions of PL/SQL. The output will be made independent from data access and also optimized as an object, granting it better scalability.

The tool in its initial phase aims to migrate Forms applications to a web environment, thereby helping application users to take advantage of the web, while maintaining the strengths of client server computing.

Case Studies

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Polycon Industries, Canada

Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund, US

Department of Geological Survey, US

Argonaut Insurance, US

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