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Application Development & Maintenance

After having invested thousands of dollars in deploying core business solutions, it is natural that most organizations would rather maintain their existing solutions, than move to newer ones. Organizations typically spend 60 to 70 percent of their IT budgets on the maintenance and support of existing applications.

Kumaran’s Application Maintenance Services relieves you of the burden of maintaining your applications that are draining your budget. Through its hybrid onsite-offshore global delivery model, Kumaran provides the perfect balance of strategy, technology and business processes to meet the challenges of reducing costs, delivering continuous improvements, and driving innovations.

Business Challenges

Kumaran understands the problems being faced by today’s organizations. Components that put undue strain on the IT budgets of any organization can be broadly grouped into three categories:

  • Dedicated resources on payroll for application maintenance
  • Administrative overheads pertaining to application maintenance, for example, workstations, facilities, and training
  • Cost and time required to manage applications

In order to support the above, critical resources are often diverted from core initiatives and this creates a negative effect on growth and profitability.


What We Offer

We deliver based on a highly structured, repeatable process that consistently delivers savings, quality, process improvements, and the benefits of high offshore staffing ratios. You get processes that are documented than ever before, thanks to our systematic knowledge transfer process. We work as a virtual extension of our client's team by quickly adopting their methodologies. And, because we commit to carefully measured service-level agreements, you always know when we are meeting our promises.

Application Design & Development

  • Solution architecture and design services
  • Prototype development services
  • Framework design services
  • Application enhancement services

Application Maintenance

Our Application Maintenance services include:
  • telecom business services

    Corrective Maintenance

    Corrective Maintenance modifies an application to effect permanent fixes or permanent work-around to correct, eliminate, or minimize the impact of known defects. Modifications are introduced only to make the application compliant with baseline requirements. Corrective Maintenance addresses Severity Level 1, 2, and 3 Service Incidents.
  • telecom business solutions

    Production On-Call

    Production On-Call is the service to respond to Severity Service Incidents. We provide on-call support for application support services, to resolve high-severity problems to keep your applications available for your business. Quick and responsive to your needs, we provide technically skilled resources anytime you require.
  • business consulting services

    Application Assessment and Performance Management

    We measure the performance of Business Applications against predefined performance indicators and target values. This benchmarking of applications performance parameters to industry standards allows us to tune your applications and unlock the value of your enterprise application investments.
  • enterprise solutions

    Continuous Improvements

    We suggest innovative technical ideas to streamline applications, after analyzing various production support metrics with the patterns and trends. We check chronicle issues systematically to address the causes and provide improvements. Taking a holistic view of the application environment, including application interfaces and infrastructure, we work with various IT towers to transform your application support.
  • outsourcing services

    Helpdesk and Support

    We can set Requests for Change (RFC) based on priority, through Corrective, Preventive, Adaptive, and Perceptive maintenance. Receipt, acknowledgement, distribution, plan closer of issue, and RFC registered by user are all provided by the service. Responsibility will be carried out by Issue coordinator.

Application Maintenance Business Value

Application Maintenance Business Value Our professional IT team with Insurance domain expertise will deliver the Application Maintenance and Enhancement services and provide immediate business value to your organization:
  • Frees up your valuable IT staff and other resources for more strategic, core initiatives
  • Brings best-of-breed technology solutions to the task
  • Lowers your cost of ongoing support

How Kumaran Helps

Four stages of application maintenance & production support Kumaran's approach comprises four-stage processes for application maintenance and production support: Furthermore, Kumaran follows a unique set of additional processes, which bring measurable cost advantage and operational efficiency to our customers.

Application Maintenance & Production Support

Variable Cost

Kumaran plans application maintenance, by using a variable cost method. In this method, optimal personnel who required for maintaining the application are deployed. They are called core resources and shall be deployed throughout the operations. Additional resources personnel, including technical architect, business analyst, functional consultants, infrastructure consultants, and DBA can also deployed based on requirements. However core resources can be ramped-up in a short span of time, the cost advantage is thus passed on to the customer.

Optimal Efficiency

As part of our continuous process improvement in application maintenance, we account for the time wasted in various phases. These are the common reasons for such wastages: resource dependability, rework, poor prioritizing, unplanned task repetitions, ambiguous requests, task switching, and attempts to include unnecessary functionalities. We identify these areas and take corrective action. This improves operational efficiency greatly, and fetches cost reduction.

Application Stability

Kumaran believes that bringing application stability promotes efficiency and cost saves. We use a set of proven parameters to continuously assess application stability. We analyze any gap areas and fix the root causes, which may have stemmed from varied causes, including people, processes, technology, deployment, or infrastructure.

Business Benefits

  • Significant improvement in application stability
  • Cost reduction over a period of time because of variable cost approach
  • Meeting the business need on time
  • Knowledge Management
  • Improved maintenance productivity
  • Better predictability
  • Reduced risk of operations

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