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Compatibility Testing

In a technology-dependent world, each customer information base is a unique mix of diverse operating systems, browsers, databases, servers, clients, and hardware. Add to this a multitude of versions, configurations, display resolutions, and Internet connection speeds. This mosaic of components creates a great impact on the behavior of the software product in use and it directly shoots up the maintenance cost.

The major challenge faced during software deployment is to ensure that the application works properly on various platforms and operating systems and also with the applications and devices in its own environment. Having spent a considerable amount on the development of a web-based application with all the required functionality, it would be a nightmare to encounter incompatibility issues. Hence it is important to test the application across different operating systems and browsers to ensure that it behaves as expected.

Compatibility testing service aims at locating application compatibility issues. This is achieved by running the clients’ applications in real environments, thus ensuring that the application is compatible with various hardware, operating system, and browser versions.


Our Approach towards Compatibility Testing

The following challenges are commonly faced by any business:

  • Testing a Website or Web-delivered application for compatibility with a range of leading browsers and hardware platforms
  • Testing an application on a wide range of operating systems and in combination with other applications
  • Verifying the compatibility and interoperability of a set of enterprise-class applications in a complex hardware and software environment designed to meet the clients' specific business needs
  • Employing Selective Testing based on the criticality of the user environment
  • Delivering detailed Test Execution documents and Defect Tracking reports to the client

We ensure that the software is compatible with

  • Operating systems like all versions of Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla , Chrome, Safari, Opera
  • Peripherals and other hardware platforms

Compatibility testing ensures

  • A flawless, much improved user-experience by validating GUI with different platforms
  • Application behaves and responds the same way across different browsers in terms of functionality.
  • Users have the same visual experience irrespective of the OS/browsers

Business Benefits for You

  • We mitigate risks associated with compatibility of applications.
  • We employ well-defined test processes that ensure consistency in testing and test results.