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Enterprise Data Warehousing Architecture and Design

IM Strategy Definition

One critical need that haunts most companies is that they do not have a single central repository of data, from which various function based departments can report off. Kumaran, in collaboration with you, can implement an industry standard Enterprise Data Warehouse solution. This solution will be high on performance and highly-scalable. Once the corporate IM strategy is defined, we shall build the Enterprise data management architecture. Click here to read more on Enterprise Data Management Architecture Framework

We can also incorporate your regulatory compliance requirements into the data warehouse architecture and reporting models. In case your company has existing disparate data marts or data warehouses, we can build an IM upgrade plan to help you upgrade to an Enterprise Data Warehouse.

Business Intelligence Architecture and Design

Corporate performance can be quantified and measured through well-defined metrics management strategy. We can help you flush out and validate the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and then define the reporting metrics strategy.

Once the overall corporate strategy is defined, based on your needs, the Enterprise Reporting Metrics Model can be built. The model can be based either on a Master Data Management (MDM) framework or a non-MDM framework.

Various department-specific reporting metrics layers are built on a common enterprise data integration layer. This will ensure that the same version of data is available across the organization. We can also build semantic reporting models according to customer requirements.