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Legacy Application Modernization & Migration/Re-Engineering

Globalization and the recent economic downturn have changed the pattern of IT spending in most organizations. The need of the hour is to review cost-cutting measures and meet business demands of the organizations. This can be achieved by upgrading existing applications and legacy systems with the latest technologies.

Legacy systems that cost millions of investment dollars and decades of development are the organization’s biggest IT assets; more so, because they are at the core of critical organizational functions. Kumaran’s legacy application modernization and migration services offer enhanced flexibility to your enterprise by modernizing and migrating your legacy systems to help you increase business responsiveness, lower costs, and mitigate risks.

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Business Challenges

IT honchos of many organizations who handle legacy systems face serious challenges in maintaining and upgrading the legacy systems to meet their business demands:

  • Costly maintenance and upgrading of expensive legacy systems
  • Risk of running potentially unsupported hardware and software
  • Shrinking labour pool expertise on legacy systems
  • Limited flexibility
  • Lack of integration and web capabilities for different business applications
What Kumaran offers

What We Offer

Kumaran works as your partner to deliver the most effective solutions:

  • Conversions and migrations from one environment to another
  • Reverse engineering of applications
  • Database migration
  • Architecture change
  • Operating system migration
  • Functionality change and enhancement
  • Quality documentation of existing and future systems
  • Complete rewrite of applications
  • Integration of new/re-write applications with existing systems
  • Business process understanding and documenting user requirements
  • Offshore systems and performance testing
  • Implementation support and user training

Legacy applications are repositories of business knowledge. As you move to modernize them, you need to make sure that this knowledge is implemented, validated, and redeployed efficiently in the new system to ensure business continuity. Accurately preserving embedded business decisions and business rules during modernization is often cited as the primary concern of most companies that take up modernization.

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How Kumaran Helps

Kumaran follows the incremental approach for application re-engineering and migration services. Here are some of the incremental steps in the direction of modernizing existing legacy systems.

Improve User Experience

There is a focus in shifting from the character-based screens to rich Graphical User Interfaces (GUI). This improves online end-user experience and improves customer satisfaction.

Modify Existing Applications

Portions of the application that are tightly coupled and cannot be easily modified to modern workflows need to be adapted to participate in the current modern workflows. In such cases, the entire application need not be phased out, but could be adapted and used.

Create New Capabilities

New solutions need to be created and plugged into existing applications to adapt to market conditions. This can be achieved by proper analyses and re-engineering of existing applications.

Advantages of Legacy Application Modernization

These are some of the distinct advantages of extending a legacy system:

Advantages of application modernization
  • Up to 40 percent reduction in maintenance costs
  • Leverage from improved business processes and modern technology
  • Easy access to users over the Internet
  • User-friendly interface that requires minimal training
  • Transparent processes and tools and easy maintenance
  • Comprehensive documentation system with complete process knowledge
  • Ease in deployment and enhancement of functionality

Business Benefits

These are some of the business benefits that we assure you:

  • Significant improvement in application stability
  • Cost reduction over a period of time because of variable cost approach
  • Meeting the business need on time
  • Knowledge management
  • Improved maintenance productivity
  • Better predictability
  • Reduced risk of operations

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