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PowerBuilder to .NET Migration

Rapid technological changes deteriorate the value of legacy systems including PowerBuilder which was considered one of the robust Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools for object-oriented programming client/ server and n-tier development. Legacy PowerBuilder applications lack scalability, carry heavy maintenance costs, limited delivery schedules and face the challenge of a diminishing labor pool. These legacy applications can be migrated to modern technologies such as .NET to achieve rich user experience with high reliability, maintainability and scalability.

Business Challenges:

The lack of support and scalability for Power Builder applications puts the system’s data integrity at risk and when the current system does not provide the required functionality, the system fails, posing an additional risk of not providing the timely information required for legal compliance. The business challenges in migrating PowerBuilder applications are:

  • Lack of Support for existing databases
  • Unavailability of resources with PowerBuilder skill set
  • PowerBuilder no longer a mainstream development platform
  • Increasing maintenance Costs of business applications
  • Lack of scalable, reliable and high performance business applications
  • Lack of web capabilities
  • Lack of sophisticated User experience and usability

What We Offer:

We, at Kumaran, have understood the plentitude of challenges that organizations face, migrating applications, hence our unique and incremental tool guided approach towards PowerBuilder migration helps achieve operational efficiency through a phased migration implementation. We enable a successful development of the web based system in .NET using the agile methodology to build a scalable, agile, cost-effective and risk free system. PowerBuilder Migration Process

Migration Benefits:

These are some of the migration benefits that we assure you of:

  • Reliable, Scalable and Maintainable web application
  • Integration with internal and external systems
  • Rich and sophisticated user experience
  • Cross browser support
  • Lower maintenance on the transformed code

Kumaran Value Proposition

  • Minimal Total Cost of Ownership
  • Easy User adoption – Similar target application UI ensures easy user adoption
  • Quicker implementation – due to strong technology expertise in tool guided migration process
  • Competitive performance –Scalable for changing business requirements
  • Significant improvement in application stability
  • Faster time to market
  • Knowledge management
  • Improved application performance
  • Better predictability
  • Reduced risk of operations

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