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Reports Testing

Reports are considered to be the decision-support system for enterprises as they reflect critical business information. As the business expands, the amount of data handled by enterprise applications grows exponentially resulting in the incredibly complex reporting process.


Accuracy and completeness: Reports are critical elements of key financial decisions ensuring completeness and accuracy are challenges.

Reports migration: As managing multiple reporting platforms are tedious and costlier, organizations are interested in migrating reports to common platforms. But the migration from one tool to another results in loss of data, inaccurate grouping, GUI mismatch etc.,

Kumaran testing team with its proven reports/reports migration testing process ensures all reports/migrated reports are accurate, functional and reliable before implementation.


GUI Testing

Kumaran maintains standard checklist for verifying the Report User interface. The critical verification items are Font Controls, Headers, and footers, alignment of fields based on data types, Logo, spelling & Grammar.


Report Testing Based On Functionality

Functional testing is done using the functional specifications and design specifications like use cases from design team.

Following key components will be validated and verified

  • All combination ( simple and Complex) of Test data
  • Scheduled and online reports based on business model
  • User access verification
  • Report size as per requirement
  • Automated mailing system
  • Integration with external or 3rd party (outside production environment) systems

Report Testing Based On Non Functional Testing

Following key business requirements will be validated and verified

  • Performance Testing: Testing the Reports against client's performance requirement. Reports generation time should match benchmarks defined.
  • Concurrent Report Access : Testing with multiple user access the different reports – to avoid report data mix up
  • Concurrent Data Access: Testing with multiple user on same report – to avoid DB data mix up
  • Sensitive Information encryption: Testing the Sensitive information like username, password, URL in web logic or applicable servers log in order to secure the client confidential information
  • Volume Testing: Testing with huge data or basic data to verify the display of data consistent in the report and also to verify alignment of the fields by giving the huge data.


  • Seamless verification of complex and huge test data
  • Business knowledge based testing results in operational effectiveness
  • Accurate and reliable test results with reduced test cycle time