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360 Degree Assurance Practice

Convergence and Individualization towards increasingly novel service bundles has moved management focus from Assurance of Network and Service of specific business lines to Assurance across the ICT value chain.

The Assurance market currently lacks a systems view that links Assurance with business, functional and operational pointers.

Kumaran Systems takes a 360 degree view to Assurance that encompasses the Network, Customer, Partners and the Business Paradigm. Understanding the need for an assurance specialist that takes on a more platform agnostic view with a specific focus on systems view to management and control, Kumaran Systems steps in providing Assurance Consulting and Services customized to ICT services basket and market you drive.

360 Degree Assurance Practice

Assurance By Services

Assurance by Services

The ICT Market is accompanied by a growing demand for individualization. Earlier customers were segmented by access technologies such as analogue, ISDN, DSL, etc. Today, customers are increasingly segmented rather in usage categories such as "College-goers" or "professionals". These further necessities Assurance view by service bundles.

  • Voice
  • Data
  • Video

Assurance by Line of Business

Assurance By Line Of Business

Convergence towards an all IP world is evolutionary. Each of the ICT market segments have an interesting transformation underway – they will need to maintain their identity as a distinct market competent channel of choice and at the same time embrace the convergence drive – that will require an Assurance roadmap that embraces the best of bread models that combine individual segment-based models for assurance with holistic ICT operational paradigms. Kumaran Systems address the market gap with Assurance focus to each of the ICT market players seeking transformation in their evolving converged services delivery channels.

  • Mobile Operators
  • Cable MSO
  • Carriers
  • Call Center
  • Media
Benefits Of Kumaran Systems Assurance Practice

Benefits of Kumaran Systems Assurance Practice

  • The focus of the workshop approach to Assurance is rejuvenate and standardize business processes for assurance.
  • Practice takes on a platform agnostic view to Assurance – we help you decide what works for you.
  • At the strategic level, the Workshop Approach takes a full lifecycle view, using proven methods, tools, and metrics to assess its Clients maturity level for Assurance and suggest proactive improvement opportunities.
  • At an operations level, the Assurance Practice addresses any element of the Assurance portfolio - including coding, business process decomposition, or service impact modeling.

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