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The ICT ecosystem is undergoing rapid transformation driving investment at times of uncertainty.

The transformation has moved from gaining critical mass with the Network modernization and enhancement to Service differentiation. With increasing competition driven by deregulation and disintermediation, the next big battle is for the Consumers’ Hand – Mobile.

ARPU Accelerators are aimed at empowering various entities of the ICT ecosystem with a focus on monetization.m-transformation-img

Business Challenge

  • Are you still caught up engaging the old way when your customers have moved the m-way?
  • You want to show up when people use their Handheld Devices to look for local goods & services.
  • Inconsistent Customer Experience across multiple touch-points and channels
  • Are you going to create a flexible and easy-to-deploy mobile solution or willing to extend the target market of existing software?
Business challenges

We Help

  • Media, Gaming and Entertainment : We help Traditional Media and Entertainment companies with their digitization drive. This includes helping companies evolve from an e-strategy towards gaining a ubiquitous m-strategy.
  • Handheld Equipment Manufacturers and Independent Software Vendors : Kumaran Systems through its wireless initiatives and technologies is equipped to help Independent Software Vendors and Handheld Equipment Providers create new applications and multimedia services for wireless devices. This further involves enabling compelling entertainment and business-oriented applications, middleware, content, and services that increase ARPU.
  • Enterprise Mobility : Kumaran Systems enables your enterprise go Mobile. Increasingly enterprises have gone mobile for the benefit of the executives and customers on the move. Mobile Work Bench Apps, Sales Force Automation, mHealth, Field Force Automation and another whole bunch of App/Web on the move enable remote teams and customers on the move interact, collaborative and transact. Kumaran Systems enables your enterprise m-strategy team with employee interfacing mobile apps and customer-facing mobile widgets.


  • Mobile Application Development
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Mobile Data Protection Enablement
  • Payment Platform Integration

Technology Domains

Technology Domains
  • Wireless Networks - GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, CDMA 1X, EvDo, EvDV, WiFI, WiMax, LTE
  • Mobile Platforms - J2ME, BREW, Symbian, Android, Linix, Business Application, iPhone, Blackberry
  • Convergence - IMS, CAMEL, RCS, SIGTRAN, SIP, VOIP, Soft Switch, Gateways, VAS, IVR, CTI, IPTV, Apps Server, Femtocell, FMC
  • Security - Mandatory Code Signing, Sandboxing, Trusted Boot, Device Encryption, Data Protection, and Address Space Layout Randomisation, Network Based Encryption (SSL over HTTP Web service content encryption, Mobile VPN, Signed and Encrypted SMS)

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