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Telecom Practice Highlights

Telecom Practice Highlights

Challenges & Opportunities

Mature communications operators have typically grown through consolidation. Addition of bolt-on solutions to an existing infrastructure for handling new services resulted in complex, unwieldy and often isolated operating models. Competing with more agile players will require enterprises to simplify key operational requirements such as customer understanding and responsiveness, ongoing cost reduction, usage-based pricing, and bundled offerings.

The lines are blurring between wireline, wireless, cable and satellite companies – they are interconnected like never before. Enterprise success is now linked to differentiating a new integrated portfolio with innovative service offerings.

Telecom companies face a unique set of challenges that stem from technology trends and customer demands. The convergence of applications, networks or content in this new-age information super highway has become the next path-breaking move in core mass-market technology providing single connectivity and integrated user experience. Today, Communications enterprises are navigating some of the biggest shifts ever witnessed in technology, culture and business models–from adoption to preference, from fragmented audiences to convergent industries, from emerging economies to game-changing new players.

Embracing technology and business forces that create this shift will help tomorrow’s enterprises lead the ‘digital evolution’ and stay strong–creatively and financially.

Offerings & Solutions

Telecom service providers are facing tremendous challenges on improving profit margins, falling ARPU's, high customer churn, fierce competition, customer experience, maintaining QoS, demand for new services and bundles, and heavy investments for network transformation.

At the same time, fast-paced innovation, advent of next generation wireless technology (LTE/Wimax), converged networks, competition from new entrants and demand for end-to-end managed services from service providers is putting immense pressure on telecom equipment vendors.

  • IT and Business transformation Services and Telecom Efficient operations
  • Product Engineering Services
  • OEM Services
  • Entertainment Services and Offerings
  • SS7 and IN Offerings

IT & Business transformation Services & Telecom Efficient Operations

Our approach is driven by a significant focus on communications domain consulting that helps make business benefits visible to our clients. Backed by our telecommunications package solutions, end-to-end architectural skills development, and an ecosystem of alliance partners, we are equipped with the bandwidth to help 'rewire' the enterprise. Our optimization expertise is unique in that it addresses a complex need – supporting new business models and evolving network technology while maintaining cost efficiency and business agility, with programs for modernizing business support systems (BSS) and operational support systems (OSS) capabilities.


OEM Services

Our services cater to every stage of your business lifecycle, including end-to-end consulting, product engineering and IT services across the following segments:

  • Network equipment vendors
  • Handset equipment vendors
  • Test and measurement vendors
  • Independent services vendors

IT & Business Transformation Services and Telecom Efficient Operations

Our alliances with leading ISVs place us on the leading edge to create solutions that aid operational transformation.

  • Operations Transformation
  • Hosted OSS-BSS, CRM, VAS
  • IP Transformation
  • Consulting services
  • Network and infrastructure management
  • Cloud services
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • System Integration
  • Service management operations
  • Billing and revenue assurance operations
  • Lean Operations
  • BI and Analytics

Product Engineering Services

  • Package-based solutions for OSS and BSS
  • Package consulting and implementation
  • Product and Application Development, Sustenance Services
  • CRM-Customer Relationship Management Development, Sustenance Services
  • EMS/NMS Systems Development & Integration
  • VAS - Value-Added Services and SDP – Service Delivery Platform Development, Sustenance Services
  • IPTV Solutions Development, Sustenance Services
  • Mobile Solutions Development, Sustenance Services
  • Unified communications

OEM Services

With a strong emphasis on Quality, Time to market and Customer satisfaction, Kumaran's offers complete end-to-end solutions in communication technologies to its customers.

Our OEM Competencies Include

  • Device Drivers Development
  • Protocol Testing for Telecom, Networking Equipment, Wireless Networking Equipment,
  • V&V - verification and validation services for Telecom, Networking and Wireless Products

Mobile VAS, Entertainment Services & Offerings

The telecom industries are operating in a new and highly competitive environment, marked by convergence and the emergence of IP and next generation networks. This has made the rapid launch of innovative and high-value next generation services a must. Such quality services need to be deployed quicker than your competition. To roll out such value-added services (VAS), within a short time span and to be able to bill them immediately, you need a horizontal, standards-based platform that enables convergence, and is highly robust and mature.

Kumaran's Alliance with industry leading Service Delivery Platforms (SDP) offering s provide you with a multi feature platform that can help you deploy and launch converged services fast, with high efficiency, low risk and costs, and lesser time-to-market.

SS7 & IN Offerings

In the rapidly evolving, cost-conscious and aggressive world of telecom services, the network operators and the telecommunications service providers are facing the business challenge of moving in step with the fast growing world of new devices, insurgence of IP networks and explosion of new services.

A Service Delivery Platform (SDP) is one such entity that provides a complete ecosystem for the rapid deployment, provisioning, execution, management and billing of value added services. The delivery of content, data & voice services is network and device agnostic in an SDP.

Kumaran has established strategic partnerships with various vendors to realize the SDP solution and to avail the huge number of market opportunities in this domain

  • Network Services: 800, Number translation, Roaming services, VCC, SMS Services
  • Charging Solutions for SDP: Online Charging Solution, Offline Charging Solution
  • USSD Gateways
  • Applications on: Seamless mobility, Presence, SIP application server
  • Content Management solutions including: End-to-end content lifecycle, Graphics and previews, Content categorization, Content management workflows
  • Location Based solutions
  • Unified Messaging for MMS, SMS, emails, voice, fax, video: Rules based message routing, Messaging protocol translations, Tele-voting applications, Virtual/family mailbox applications
  • Applications for business communication services: IP PBX for mobile operators, VPN, Instant Messaging, Conferencing, Voice mail access while roaming, Multi-SIM
  • Consumer Services: Ring Back Tones, Call tones – Audio/picture/video played/displayed on the handset of the callee, Multi player gaming, Rules based call routing
  • Legacy Network Transformations

Overcoming the Limitations of Legacy Networks: Case Study

A service provider's intelligent network is critical to innovation and profitable growth today, supporting the cost-effective development and provisioning of new network services. For many companies, however, legacy intelligent networks are reaching the end of their life; some platforms are no longer supported by the vendors who implemented them, and costs for maintaining the network are high. Companies are looking for ways to increase margins and stay competitive by reducing their operating expenses.

The next-generation intelligent network solution from provides operators with a practical approach to migrating their networks toward an all-IP service layer supporting both IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and legacy SS7 networks.

The solution is based on two components: next-generation application servers and a service broker.

Overcoming the Limitations of Legacy Networks

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