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Application Modernization Company – Kumaran Systems

December 4th, 2023

The IT landscape has changed drastically in recent years. The biggest challenge for organizations is to find a way to deliver value in this new, ever-changing arena with their existing legacy systems. Understandably, most businesses lack the flexibility, scalability, and agility to cope with today’s hyper-dynamic market.

Most organizations are quickly adapting and modernizing to the latest technologies. While it is a welcome move, it requires the best people for flawless accomplishment.

Kumaran Systems has been a leader among app modernization companies for over 30 years. With footprints in over 20 countries, the company has crafted a solid niche in the transformation industry.

Kumaran Systems stands out among app modernization companies because it doesn’t just function as a vendor, it collaborates as a partner for a progressive digital transformation. It keeps the clients competitive with state-of-the-art technologies and derives maximum value from their transformation initiatives. Here’s a look at how Kumaran has been a front-runner over many decades.

Kumaran migration and modernization spaceNo Vendor Lock-In

Vendor lock-in is not an urgent problem for organizations. However, when strategizing modernization around a single cloud, Lock-ins significantly stifle innovation and negate agility.

Kumaran’s far-sighted approach ensures no vendor lock-ins to facilitate future switches and scale-ups. Whether it’s the use of emulators, products or other open-source extensions, the client experiences complete freedom in how they want to operate.

Kumaran Systems, a leading player among app modernization companies, leverages its extensive experience and has developed automation tools and emulators to assist in the migration processes. These tools help develop portable applications free from knowledge-based cloud lock-ins and also keep the client free from any royalties retaining data ownership.

Experience and Modernity

Modernization is a high-stake intricate project where failure can be catastrophic. Organizations must be accurate in numerous considerations related to cloud providers, tools, and others. An experienced partner can streamline the process and ensure positive outcomes.

Kumaran has consistently delivered quality results for over 30 years with enterprises of different scales and sectors. It stands out among app modernization companies as one of the few companies with such extensive experience. Kumaran enables applications with new and current technologies and keeps enterprises abreast with upcoming developments.

ISO Certified Company

A significant IT budget goes into migrating to newer technologies. Accordingly, assessing app modernization companies is imperative. Checking certifications is a good starting point for that.

Kumaran is an ISO 27001:2013-ISMS-certified organization (IS 584836).

The accreditation is evidence of the app modernization companies’ commitment to its customers and adherence to the governing organization’s QA and security standards. It instils mental peace in clients and inspires trust.

Value for Money

Enterprises invest a fortune in modernization projects. They sure wish to drive the maximum benefit and value from new implementation.

Kumaran systems, one of the top app modernization companies delivers the best-of-breed technology at a very competitive cost. The company brings intelligent automation and innovation in every aspect of solutions delivery – planning, building, migrating, running, and optimizing.

It focuses on specific improvements the clients want and the benefits they care about the most to provide value beyond expectations.

A Culture of Migration

Kumaran has a track record of over 30 years in migration projects and stands out among leading app modernization companies. At Kumaran Systems it’s been our constant endeavor to work for the client’s success. The secret of this sustained success is working with clients as a unified team.

Through these years, Kumaran has nurtured a solid culture of migration with many services it caters to the clients.

The services cover mainframe application migration, Oracle form migration, Delphi migration, and PowerBuilder migration. It also provides testing services for application migration projects.

Domain and Functional Expertise

Kumaran’s team has impeccable functional proficiency – an absolute skill requirement for handling complicated modernizations. It is a cluster of experts in network, storage, server, cloud infrastructure, and more functional operations.

The team has expertise in banking, telecom, insurance, manufacturing, automotive, retail, and governance sectors. This depth helps precisely understand the customers’ requirements and pain points.

With mastery in project management, agile development, and DevOps, it delivers unparalleled accuracy and agility making it a top choice among app modernization companies.

Customer-First Approach

Kumaran works to align every move with the client’s best interests. It strives to deliver maximum productive value through tailored solutions built with unique best practices for each client.

It follows the best route and targets maximum portability and business continuity with solutions developed with the best-fit modern tech stack.

The company maintains absolute transparency through every process and action. It engages with clients through a multi-tier model and constantly updates them on the project’s progress.

Quality-Oriented Solutions

App modernization companies understand the pivotal role of testing in ensuring top-tier modernization quality. Kumaran excels in developing robust testing models for top-notch QA. It has several proprietary tools to facilitate rigorous testing to ensure only the best products roll out. Radical testing enables Kumaran to modernize the most challenging production-grade applications with zero downtime.

Proprietary Tools

 Having worked on many projects and having prolific experience across various industries, Kumaran Systems is one of the very few app modernization companies to develop several proprietary tools to facilitate mainframe migration. These tools are battle-tested in numerous successful projects, corroborating the team’s expertise. Some prominent tools are:

  • NxTran is a re-engineering workbench for seamless and cost-effective mainframe migration with much faster time-to-market.
  • DQV combines with KITS (Kumaran’s Issue Tracking System) and FrameWorks to automate regression test suits and ensure data quality.
  • KFA (Kumaran’s Financial Analyzer) computes ratios crucial for bankers’ credit decisions.
  • Oracle Form Modernization encapsulates GUI Converter, Object Converter, and Form Converter to simplify migration and add new features based on the new environment.
  • Kumaran’s Test Automation Center is an application suite to manage and automate testing processes.

Agile Methodology

Today, businesses must be adaptive and responsive to rapid changes. Kumaran follows a tested agile project management approach for quick delivery that takes the following steps.

  • Delivering continuously and ahead of the competition to satisfy customers and honor requirement changes even late in the project stages.
  • Frequent value-oriented delivery.
  • Emphasis on cross-functional collaboration.
  • Empowering and supporting Kumaran’s motivated and self-organized teams.
  • Focus on personal communication to sync requirements, development, and teams.
  • Progress assessment through customer satisfaction.
  • Maintaining delivery pace without overburdening.
  • Rigorously inspecting for delivering high-quality, stable products.
  • Keeping development simple.
  • Continuously evaluating, adjusting, and enhancing strategy.

Global Delivery Model

Kumaran is among the leading app modernization companies that deliver services to multiple locations across the globe. It has strong footprints spanning the USA, Canada, and India. It is one of the few companies capable of providing uninterrupted support and value propositions to its clients across such a vast geography.

With long-term partnerships and quality solutions running in various verticles, Kumaran is pacing toward becoming a global industry leader.

We are a uniquely and powerfully positioned system integration company. We work closely as partners and provide continuous support for your modernization initiatives based on your current and future business requirements.

Wonder how our approaches and solutions fit our specific needs. Talk to us to know more.

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