The Client

  • The client is an automobile giant in North America with 12 plants across the U.S.
  • They manufacture various motor products, such as passenger vehicles and their company’s engines, transmissions, and components; aircraft and aircraft engines; power equipment; and sports cars.
  • The 12 manufacturing plants altogether produce 5.9 million products annually.
  • Overall, 27.3 million cars and light trucks have been built in the U.S. by the client.
  • Additionally,1.35 million automobiles have been exported from the U.S.

Business Challenges

  • High utilization of mainframe CPU slows down online application response time.
  • Users observed slowdowns during peak hours, especially during new model production, payroll weekends & month-end reporting periods.
  • Users are not able to log into the online application, let alone perform business operations, when there are issues with the batch processes.
  • Only 5% of the jobs are completed within 1 hour. Most of the jobs end up waiting too long for CPU time.
  • Numerous jobs take 20 hours to complete.
  • Batch jobs frequently overrun the batch window missing the SLA 3 times a week and the application is NOT fully functioning at 6:00 AM.
  • The performance of the mainframe batch jobs was very poor and only able to meet batch completion SLA 32% of the time.
  • High maintenance costs for the legacy mainframe system

Kumaran Solution

  • Tool guided migration of COBOL / JCL batch programs to Java Spring Batch, using Kumaran’s proprietary tool NxTran.
  • Migration of z/OS DB2 to LUW DB2. Tool guided migration of COBOL DB2 stored procedures to LUW DB2 stored procedures.
  • Optimization of online applications to improve performance.
  • Spring batch jobs scheduled and monitored using Kumaran’s Quartz Scheduler User Interface.
  • Implemented solutions for complex integrations with upstream and downstream applications.
  • Performance improvement achieved via Query Optimization.
  • Implementation of transactional DB for the online and batch transaction and reporting DB for interfaces, reports, and queries.
  • Implemented solution for compatibility of non-COMP3 and COMP3 values.

Solution Benefits

  • Estimated 5-year savings of $13.13 million in efficiency hours and maintenance expenses.
  • Batch SLA improved from 32% to 99%.
  • A future-ready platform that can eventually be evolved into a single, modular, manufacturing system.
  • Distributed technology, delivering scalability, reliability, availability, and security of manufacturing systems with industry-leading techniques.
  • Improved application performance and user experience. Improved productivity of the end-users

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