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With 3 decades of experience partnering with organizations from varied industry verticals,we possess expertise in the following industry verticals


Specialized set of IT Insurance and Customer-Centric Solutions and Mvp-as-a-Service empowering digital insurers of the future.

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Exemplary Banking industry solutions and products adhering to BASEL II & III norms enabling enhanced risk management and compliance systems.

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Data secure and highly compliant suite of software. ROI driven implementation and augmentation of IT capabilities.

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Transportation & Logistics

Full suite and extensible capabilities with fast turn around time. Cost tracking and budget control information systems.

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Enabling faster speed to market with enhanced agile software solutions. Augmenting and transforming applications in providing competitive advantage.

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Public Sector

Hybrid future ready, data driven application architectures. Secure, Compliant and industry relevant solutions for state and national entities.

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Secure & Compliant technology solutions. Contemporary and highly customizable as per the changing needs of the institution.

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Modern omnichannel capabilities. Buyer centric and mobile solutions for real time decision making.

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Kumaran’s commendable line-up of services built over decades enables you to accelerateyour organization’s potential leading to exceptional operational excellence

Legacy Migration Services

Tools-assisted migration of legacy software applications in Oracle Forms, PowerBuilder Apps, Mainframes. Migrate, Modernize and Upgrade to modern tech stack.

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Application Lifecycle Management

Agile based Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) for planning, development, testing, deployment, and ongoing maintenance to ensure optimal performance and functionality throughout the solution’s lifespan.

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Data & Analytics Services

Our BI Practice uses a complete integrated approach to help our customers in their efforts to unlock the value buried deep in their data.

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Cloud Services

Kumaran provides End-to-En solutions to assess, strategize, migrate, modernize, and manage workloads on public, hybrid, or multi-cloud environment.

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Quality Assurance Services

Kumaran Systems brings out the value of software testing through its dedicated independent validation services unit – Kumaran Software Testing Services

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Kumaran’s nevertiring efforts in building a phenomenal lineup of products hasled to enhanced workflow efficiencies, improved productivityand improved TCOs for our clients.

Mainframe Converter – NxTran

Kumaran galvanized our efforts to build our proprietary re-engineering workbench NxTran which enhances mainframe application migration

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Kumaran Test Automation Center

Exclusive codeless Test Automation tool from Kumaran that enables heavy re-use of test data and test scenarios for different test environments

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A one stop destination for best practices and recommended approach on software migration and technology transformation.

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Revolutionizing Loss Run Reports: The Impact of Cognitive Document Processing in P&C Insurance industry

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Modernizing Apps: The Agile Way

Organizations are increasingly looking for Agile based transformation of Legacy Applications What is driving the wave for Agile lies in the very principle of the approach.

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Oracle Forms Version History – A Timeline and Comprehensive Guide of How The Software Has Progressed

Oracle Forms has undergone multiple modernization efforts throughout its lifetime. It is a tool that has truly demonstrated its resilience over time, evolving from coding in ASCII to XML, transitioning from Java 1 to Java 11, and adapting from Windows 3.1 to 2022, while also accommodating Linux, Solaris, and AIX.

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Java Vs .NET: Pros and Cons of Migrating PowerBuilder Applications To either of those Technologies

PowerBuilder enjoyed the top spot in application development software solutions, especially among rapid application development (RAD) technologies, thanks to its speed and simplicity that attracted most developers worldwide.

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Types of Information Required to Execute a Mainframe Migration Project

The following list is a broad set of information required while migrating from a mainframe. This is by no means exhaustive but is meant to provide adequate scope for anybody embarking on such projects. Do drop us a note if you feel there are additions that you would like to be included.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Cloud Monitoring & Governance Tools

Cloud technology is rapidly expanding its feet in every industry. With such extensive usage arises a need for more rigorous monitoring and governance to ensure security and reliability. Cloud monitoring tools helps businesses track their reaction times, asset utilization, accessibility, execution, security, and more.

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Case Studies

Kumaran Systems 30 years of experience distilled in case studies across different domains and technologies.

A Case Study on Business-to-Business Data Exchange Solution

The Business-to-Business data exchange solution was a proof of concept to demonstrate the capability of MS SQL Server to replicate data over the Internet.

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A Java Based Legacy Software Modernization for a Finance Application. The Client : A Ministry in Canada

Modernizing a legacy application to a thin client Java application.

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A Leading Bank Card Provider in The US Migrates from Informix to Oracle

Improving performance in legacy applications through newer technologies and Kumaran System’s expertise.

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Authorization Document Entry System (ADES) — A Case Study

ADES provides importers to enter the details of their Authorization Documents (inspection orders) via an Internet-based system.

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About Us

Kumaran has been consistently evolving alongside the IT revolution in the past 30 years by engaging withenterprise customers and solving their business challenges effectively

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Who we are

Kumaran Systems is a networking services organization that fosters greater futures through innovation and collective knowledge

For over 50 years, Kumaran Systems has been a trusted partner, providing IT services, consulting, and business solutions to numerous global enterprises in their transformative journeys. With a focus on networking, Kumaran Systems collaborates with some of the largest businesses worldwide, empowering them to thrive in the digital era.

Our idea of sharing our client’s vision has aided us in building meaningful customer relationships that still lasts for decades. Also, our foresight of creating value through putting automation ahead and putting cost arbitration behind has enabled us to build up a fortress of reputation in the industry.

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